Pokémon GO Announces Community Days Before – Why It Matters

Pokémon GO Announces Community Days Before - Why It Matters

Pokémon GO announces community days before – why it matters. Pokémon GO had announced in an announcement the Community Days of the coming months. This is well received by many players. We tell you why that is so important.

That’s what Niantic did. In an announcement for the summer events in 2019 , developer Niantic also scheduled the upcoming Community Days until August.

This is well received by the players because you can finally plan far in advance, if you can be there. On Reddit, many coaches thank for this action, but also fear that it will not happen again.

That’s why the announcements are so important

Players celebrate: The premature announcement of the Community Days gives players plenty of time to plan. Often, such an event is announced at a very short notice and the coaches do not have time to take their leave.

Now you have up to 4 months to take time off for the events. That is well received and therefore already nearly 3000 people have advocated a Reddit thread on the topic.

There was already something like that: Such a pre-announcement has ever been. Last year, Niantic announced the Community Days for October and November in advance and received a lot of praise for it.

What do the players write about this?

There are many positive opinions on the subject. The thread on Reddit means: “Can we take a moment and appreciate that the data for future Community Days have been published in advance?”

Over 100 comments agree with the user. We show you a small selection:

  • generalhan84: “This means that I discuss with my wife and family much earlier and that I can set times and appointments to participate in Community Day without pressure.”
  • spoofrice11: “That’s the only thing that was important to me from the announcement. I hope Raid days / weekends will be announced sooner in the future as well. “
  • Corgi610: “Events like the Community Day should be announced earlier and earlier. Knowing the data in advance is great and very helpful. I hope Niantic goes on like this. “

But there is also a worry: some players worry that Niantic just does not continue with the premature announcements. So it was already the case last year and the events were again announced on a monthly basis.

The thing is, they did that last year too. We had 3-4 months of Community Day data announced in advance. Then they suddenly stopped. I can not really congratulate you for correcting your broken public information. They should never have stopped.

nolkel on Reddit

What do you think of the topic? Do you also find the premature announcements important, or is it enough if you know it a few weeks in advance?

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