The Division 2: Dealer Reset On 6.4. – The Best Offers

The Division 2: Dealer Reset On 6.4. - The Best Offers

The Division 2: dealer reset on 6.4. – The best offers. At The Division 2 today, on the 6th of April, the big dealer reset, the Vendor Reset. Which offers are particularly worthwhile, you will learn here.

Quick information about the dealer reset on the 6th of April:

  • Every week during the night from Friday to Saturday, distributors in The Division 2 receive new items on offer
    Today is the first dealer reset after the start of world rank 5
  • The following items will be in World Rank 5 this week. The items vary from world rank to world rank. Consider this. If other items in World Rank 5 should be displayed on your screen, write this in the comments.
  • We only offer the high end items on offer, because they are generally the best stuff.
  • Some dealers also offer blueprints. These are mostly blueprints of items that you already own. The blueprint offer differs from agent to agent.
  • The items in the clan merchant’s offer should also differ depending on your clan progress. According to user reports, you can quickly reach items with Gear score around 490 via the World Rank 5 clan merchant. He is doing well to boost the score.

The best weapons in the dealer inventories

The high-end weapons:

  • White House vendor at the Quartermaster – M870 MCS (Shotgun) with the “Face Slapping” talents (3 consecutive body hits fill the magazine and deal + 50% weapon damage for 7 sec), “Optimized” (+ 15% weapon handling) and ” Oiled “(When the weapon is in the holster, the speed of the weapon change increases by 10%)
  • DZ West Main Entrance – FAL SA-58 (assault rifle) with the talents “Killer” (The critical hit chance increases by 50% by killing an opponent with a critical strike for 5 sec.), “Distance” (+ 15% optimal range) and “Cannon” (When equipped, this weapon increases its throw range by 10%)
  •    ”  South Main Entrance – FAMAS 2010 (Assault Rifle) with the talents “Sadist” (+ 20% weapon damage against bleeding enemies), “Optimized” (+ 15% weapon handling) and “Mischievous” (If this weapon is in the holster, you can Brave “sticking” attacks, lasts for 5 seconds, can occur every 60 seconds)
  • DZ East Main Entrance – AUG A3-CQC (Assault Rifle) with the Retribution Talents (Killing an enemy with an active state effect gives + 15% + 20% chance to critical strike for all party members within 15 yards for 10 sec.) ,
  • “Extra” (+ 20% Magazine Capacity) and “Reloaded” (When equipped, the duration of skills used with full armor increases by + 25%, as well as charges and ammo)

The best armor parts on offer

The high-end gear:

  • White House Salesman at the Quartermaster – Richter & Kaiser backpack with critical strike chance bonuses, critical hit damage, and skill level. The talents are “Safety Precautions” (Kill an enemy to get a 150% bonus on repair and heal effects for 20 seconds) and “Capacitive” (+ 20% skill duration)
  • White House Salesman at the Quartermaster – Mask from China Light Industries Corporation with skill and life-enhancing bonuses. The talent is “Empowered” (+ 10% skill level)
  • White House Vendor at Quartermaster – Holster by Richter & Kaiser with critical strike damage bonuses and critical strike chance
  • Theater – Backpack of Alps Summit Armament with cooldown reduction and crit hit damage bonuses. The talents are Destructive (+ 20% Explosion Damage) and Vital (+ 20% Health) – pretty good!
  • Campus knee wraps by Wyvern Wear with bonus on skill level and “Calculated” talent (kills from cover shorten the active cooldown of skills by 20%)


  • DZ West Main Entrance – Airaldi Holdings holster with critical strike damage bonus and “Capacitive” talent (+ 20% skill duration) – strong roll, good talent, attacks!
  •   ”    West Main Entrance – Wyvern Wear knee protector with cooldown reduction bonus and Wrapped talent (If your armor destroyed, nearby enemies’ skills disturbed for 10 sec, every 30 sec.)
  • DZ South Main Entrance – Gloves of Alps Summit Armament with bonus to LMG damage and the talent “Served Hot” (grenades can now “scalded” by holding down the pound key, causing them to explode more quickly after the throw) – Strong LMG damage roll!
  •    ”  East Main Entrance Providence Defense Vest with gun damage bonuses, health and bonus armor. Talent  “Isolated” (+ 10% Danger Protection) – Strong Stat Roll!
  • DZ East Main Entrance – Gila Guard backpack with life-time bonuses, critical strike damage, and weapon damage bonuses. Talents are “Efficient” (when using a repair kit, there is a 50% chance that the repair kit will not be consumed) and “Strengthening” (+ 10% life on kill) – a lot of life energy, other stats are low


  • You can find the bonuses of the brand sets here
  • You can find the entire dealer offer on this page of rubenalamina

Cassie – offer

The secret dealer Cassie keeps changing her location. As you find Cassie, you will learn here.

Where she is currently, right after the vendor reset, this video shows you:

Your offer:

  • Holster by Douglas & Harding with bonuses on skill level and the talent “Relentless” (+ 15% damage against elite opponents)
  • M9 A1 Officer Version (Pistol) with the talents “Sadist” (+ 20% weapon damage to bleeding enemies). “Extra” (+ 20% magazine capacity) and “Rooted”. (When this weapon equipped and you in cover, you increase
  • Skill damage and healing + 25% for 10 sec Strengthening lost if you leave cover, can repeated every 25 sec.)
  • Artist’s Tool – SIG 716 CQB (Rifle) with the Rifleman talents (Headshots grant a + 5% weapon damage cumulative bonus for 5 sec.) The maximum stack size 5. Additional headshots reset the duration of all hits that are not headshots , remove the bonus), “Stable” (+ 15% Stability), and “Stop, Down, Roll” (When this weapon equipped, unrolling removes fire, bleed, and poison status effects, can repeat every 60 seconds)
  • Converted SMG-9 (submachine gun) with the “quick hands” talents (Critical hits give a cumulative bonus of 3% on the reload speed.) The maximum stack size 20), “Distance” (+ 15% optimal range) and “Oiled” ( If the weapon in the holster, the speed of the weapon change increases by 10%)

This is our first merchant reset article for World Rank 5 of The Division 2. Please give feedback in the comments, as you will see this article designed in the future.

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