The Division 2 Patch Notes – Highlights From Invasion: Battle for DC

The Division 2 Patch Notes - Highlights From Invasion: Battle for DC

The Division 2 Patch Notes – Highlights from Invasion: Battle for DC. On April 5, a major update for The Division 2 was played on the servers. We have the highlights from the latest patch for you.

Endgame Comes: The first content update to The Division 2 brings new endgame content to PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4. With Tidal Basin, a new base has been added in which the nasty Black Tusk is waiting for you.

In addition, World Rank 5 is a new world rank whose score cap is 500. In addition, you can look forward to the Heroic difficulty and three new gear sets.

These are the highlights from the patch on April 5th

We picked out some highlights from the Patch Invasion:

The battle for DC patch. The complete patch notes can be found in the Ubisoft forum .

New content

  • Base Tidal Basin
  • New World Rank 5
  • Three new gear sets
  • Difficulty level “Heroic”
  • Weekly invasions

Balance changes in the weapons

  • The MK17 rifle falls by 14% in damage
  • the LW M4 rises 5% in damage and shoots 360 times / minute (previously 240)
  • The LVOA-C now shoots 380 times a minute (previously 240)
  • The sniper rifle model 700 drops by 13% in damage
  • Shotgun AA12 rises 16% in damage
  • The machine gun MG5 rises by 5% in damage
  • For this, a bug was fixed in the weapons M4 and P416, which made more damage over long distances – they should do less


  • Revision of weapons and skill mods. You can find our article here.

Loot & Rewards

  • Checkpoint Rewards now give the correct number of items for the appropriate defense level. Defense Level 4
  • now grants five instead of three items.
  • Loot Faction Keys from Bounties now guaranteed and displayed in Loot Preview
  • Key fragments for outfit boxes added to the PvP rewards


  • The limit for standard and special materials has been increased to 400 (with all perks)
  •   ”    limit for high-end materials raised to 50
  • Exotic weapons now equipped with Loretext mods. These mods no stats and cannot equip otherwise.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed a bug that caused audio logs to not automatically play when recording
  •    ”       a bug that prevented players from completing the Worksite Community side mission
  • Players can now update their manufacturing bank correctly when they reach a new world rank
  • A few strange stairs and invisible walls fixed.

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