The Division 2: Server Down At 6.4. – When Can You Play Again Today?

The Division 2: Server Down At 6.4. - When Can You Play Again Today?

The Division 2: Server down at 6.4. – When can you play again today? At The Division 2 today, on April 6, the servers are down for a short time. You can not play at this time. All information about the server status.

The developers of Massive Entertainment have announced a server downtime for this Saturday. If you want to take care of law and order in Washington DC after breakfast, you will be interrupted for a short time.

The important times today, on April 6:

  • At 10 o’clock of our time, the servers are shutting down. You can not log in now. If you are still in the game, you will be roughly removed.
  • At 10:15 o’clock the downtime should finish. Massive says the servers expected to offline for 15 minutes.
  • Bear in mind that this deadline is not set in stone for the end of downtime. In recent weeks, some maintenance work on The Division 2 ended much earlier – or as yesterday much later – as previously announced.

What is changing today?

This happens during the downtime: It is only a server restart today. Neither gameplay changes nor an update are expected.

Massive will probably only make sure that the performance of The Division 2 gets better with the new start.

That happened yesterday: Yesterday, on the 5th of April, the “real endgame” of The Division 2 started, namely world rank 5. Now you can climb the maximum Gear-Score of 500. In addition, this came new:

  • The base Tidal Basin
  • 3 new gear sets
  • A new PvP map
  • Balance changes to weapons
  • 2 new exotics
  • Skill and weapon mods have been redesigned
  • and there were quite a few fixes of bugs and glitches.

In addition, the starting signal for an apparel event was sounded yesterday. This will make new masks, weapon skins and emotes jump. What exactly awaits you in this first event of The Division 2, you will learn here in German.

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