Thirty Students Submits Destiny-Lore As Homework, Is Unmasked

Thirty Students Submits Destiny-Lore As Homework, Is Unmasked

Thirty students submits Destiny-Lore as homework, is unmasked. The Destiny series an exciting and comprehensive backstory. A student thought so too and simply submitted the lore as homework. However, not expect that his teacher would come across the website Ishtar Collective on the Internet …

Destiny-Lore as homework:

The Destiny series always praised by gamers for its rich background story. In Destiny 1, the keepers chased after the Grimoire entries, and Destiny 2 also reintroduced hidden items with Forsaken that contribute to the Lore .

The back story of Destiny, the Lore, probably pleased a student so well that he grabbed the entries and submitted for his English course as a homework assignment. His teacher, however, on Zack and asked a well-known Lore website for advice.

In Destiny 2’s lore, you’ll find out, among other things, who was responsible for the launch of Forsaken .

How the student unmasked?

The teacher probably found the website of Ishtar Collective on the internet . This is a website that has been collecting all Grimoire entries and Lore scraps of the Destiny universe since Destiny 1.

The English teacher has sent an email to the website asking if the entries are from your student. “May I confirm that you are not written by a boy named Lucas?”, It says in the email, which was published by the operators of the site on Twitter.

As the teacher indicates, the entire website was given by the student as a diary entries and submitted as homework.

Did you know that a Warlock in Destiny 2 thinks your guardian could be a killer ?

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Lore-side takes it with humor:

On Twitter, the site’s operators said that this probably the best email received from Ishtar Collective. As a joke, they changed their name to “Lucas” on Twitter. The teacher, however, answered “very boring”.

Even the players have their fun with the fibs of Lucas. In the comments, they post memes that praise the student as “the greatest pirate of all time” or that we are all somehow “Lucas” .

So you stay up to date with Destiny 2:

What you can expect in the next update to Destiny 2, you can read here:

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