This Is The Secret Legendary Season 8 Skin In Fortnite

This Is The Secret Legendary Season 8 Skin In Fortnite

This is the secret legendary Season 8 skin in Fortnite. In Fortnite the secret legendary skin of Season 8 was shown for the first time. You can unlock this already in week 8.

What is the legendary skin? There is a secret legendary skin every season. In Season 7, it was the snowfall skin , which gradually thawed in the ice.

For Season 8, there is also such a skin that Battle Pass owners can earn. Of these Epic showed on Twitter now first pictures.

This is the ruin skin in Season 8

What does the skin look like? The skin looks like a lava knight. In the picture shown behind the skin are everywhere flames and the skin glows.

Epic himself calls the skin “Ruin” and states that it can be obtained in Week 8.

How do I get the skin? For this you have to have solved a total of tasks worth 8 weeks in Fortnite. You can get the skin at week 8 at the earliest. If you have not solved all the tasks of the past weeks, then you can also get the skin later.

What can I do now?

If you have not completed all the tasks of week 6, then you should do all the more, because it’s worth it for the skin. But this week there are many tricky tasks. So you have to visit the highest points of the map , or find three figures on the map.

How does it work with the skin? Usually there is always a story behind the secret skin. So the snowfall skin from Season 7 broke out of his ice prison and caused then for a few days for unrest on the island. At the end of this skin then rang the Season 8.

So it’s safe to assume that this secret skin will usher in Season 9 in Fortnite. Maybe it will have something to do with lava and the volcano. After all, the skin is very reminiscent of the fire world.