Borderlands 3 Introduces 9 Weapon Brands – Everyone Has Something Special

Borderlands 3 Introduces 9 Weapon Brands

Borderlands 3 Introduces 9 Weapon Brands – Everyone Has Something Special. In Borderlands 3, there are almost infinite weapons. Some of the special features of the Wummen have been betrayed in advance: For 9 weapons brands are known. And every factory relies on different properties.

It will be almost half a year before Borderlands 3 finally appears. Gearbox has already begun publishing some information about the weapons.

As in the predecessor Borderlands 2, the various weapon manufacturers play a major role and decide on some of the bonus effects that a weapon has.

Because at Borderlands, the brand name stands for certain characteristics.

What can the different weapons do?

 Depending on the manufacturer, the weapons have different active or passive effects. Fans of the predecessors will surely recognize some effects. So far the following bonuses of the weapon manufacturers are known:

  • Jakobs : Bullets that hit a target then cross and hit more enemies.
  • Atlas : Enemies must be hit with a direction finder. Then you can fire a whole volley of smart bullets that automatically search and hit the target.
  • Tediore : Instead of reloading , you just throw away the gun. She then straightens and pursues the target to attack it. Meanwhile, the same weapon rebuilds fully charged in your hand.
  • Hyperion : When aiming, Hyperion weapons have a forward-facing shield. In addition, they have increased precision.
  • Dahl : Dahl weapons have extra fire modes with different effects.
  • Vladof : These weapons have extra barrels with special features, such as lasers or rockets.
  • Torgue : The weapons of this manufacturer can be fired in a “sticky” mode. The balls will then stick to an enemy and cause more damage if some of them explode at the same time.
  • Maliwan : Weapons of Maliwan can switch between two elements and be charged to cause more damage with a strong shot.
  • Children of the Vault: Weapons of the new manufacturer have endless ammunition. Occasionally (and without notice) these weapons overheat.

There are of course other unique effects that occur with special weapons. In Borderlands 2, some weapons were able to talk to the player. You could also fire with a sword, which has then split into other swords on impact. It will surely be wrong again.

Why are the weapon manufacturers so important? 

In the story of Borderlands, the planet Pandora largely divided between the weapons manufacturers. Especially Dahl, Hyperion and Atlas saw in the predecessors as important organizations. You certainly play a big role again in Borderlands 3 and adapt the planet to your wishes.

Are you looking forward to the crazy weapons of Borderlands 3? Or do you find the weapons in the Borderlands games too crazy?

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