Diablo 3 Gets The Biggest Changes In A Long Time With Season 17

Diablo 3 Gets The Biggest Changes In A Long Time With Season 17

Diablo 3 Gets The Biggest Changes In A Long Time With Season 17.  The new patch 2.6.5 brings huge changes to Season 17 in Diablo 3. The game will receive more qualification levels and more box compartments. In addition, the season’s theme is set for Season 17 well.

When is patch 2.6.5 coming? On Friday, April 5, patch 2.6.5 will start on Diablo 3’s PTR servers. The patch will be up and running for a week for testing.

If the developers are satisfied with the tests, then the update will be played on the live servers before the start of Season 17 .

That’s how Diablo changes to Season 17

The update promises serious changes, as they have not been in Diablo 3 for a long time. While patch 2.6.4 has recently changed some of the class sets , patch 2.6.5 now has many common functions that affect every player.

Season 17 Strengthening Effect : As long as no set bonus is active, each equipped Ancient item increases the damage done by players by 750% and reduces the damage taken by 4%.

The new season theme is based on the wishes of the community. They find the bonus around the Ring of the Royal Prunks in Season 16 so good that they wished the same with legacy of nightmares. And Blizzard fulfills that desire.

There are new levels of torment: It’s been a long time since Diablo installed 3 new levels of torment in the game. The jump from torment 10 to torment 13 was with patch 2.4.2, that was to season 7 in the summer of 2016. For season 17 there are again new difficulty levels. Torment 14, Torment 15, and Torment 16 are added.

How to change treasure goblins: Treasure goblins leave in Diablo 3 portals that can lead to the treasury. In Season 17, the gantries are supposed to “take you sometimes to absolutely crazy places”. Specifically, Blizzard did not explain that. Does it go to the cow level?

New portals through special braiding ring:

 If you use an ancient or archaic braiding ring in Kanai’s cube, this now leads to a new result. What exactly happens is still unclear. However, Blizzard says it’s better for players to use such valuable rings.

More space in the loot: All players receive additional boot loungers. On the PC, there will be a search function for the chest.

  • PC players receive 5 additional loot chests
  • PS4 / Xbox One / Switch players will receive 140 additional loot slots

How to Change Bounties : The goals of most bounties are displayed as you enter the area for the bounty. Horadric cubes may now contain breath of death.

The patch notes for patch 2.6.5 in Diablo 3

Here we show you more changes from the patch notes for the PTR server.

General changes:

  • Group portraits now show when a player’s “Outwit Death” was recently triggered (PC only)
  • If a boss is killed in a Nephalem portal, a permanent position indicator will now display until the portal is closed, where the boss has died
  • Bosos notification screen has been redesigned (PC only)
  • The Grand Nephalemportale notification screen has been redesigned
  • The final screen for Great Nephalemportals has been redesigned
  • Players can now join a game through Player Search when a Grand Nephalem portal is already active. Nevertheless, they still can not join an active Great Nephalem portal
  • The progress bar for a Great Nephalem portal is now visible to all players in a game, whether or not they participate in the Great Nephalem Portal.
  • Regardless of the current progress, all chapters are now displayed in the Diary for the Seasonal Journey.

Changes to items:

  • New: Inexhaustible Potion of the Unrestrained: After using this potion, you are immune to loss of control effects for 5 to 7 seconds
  • Akkhan’s Clemency: Each enemy hit with Blessed Shield increases the damage of Blessed Shield by 75-100% for 3 sec.
  • Bloodstream Blade : Death Nova’s damage increases by 300-400% for each enemy within 25 yards – Before 80-100%
  • Chantode’s Will: During every second of Archon form, you send out a Wave of Destruction that deals 4,000% weapon damage to enemies within 30 yards (previously 1,000%). Each time you strike with an attack outside of Archonform, 4,000% weapon damage is added to the Wave of Destruction (previously 1000%). Stackable up to 20 times. The ticks of Wave of Destruction now scale at attack speed.
  • The Dagger: Your poison arrows and your fetishes now hit targets, inflicting additional damage of [400-500%].
  • Iron Rose: Blood Sucking attacks have a 100% chance of free Blood Nova (previously 40-50%).
  • Jekang Board: Blessed Shield hits 6 more enemies, dealing 300-400% more damage (previously 225-300%)
  • Set: Journey of the Wise: Now causes the double amount of Breath of Death to be dropped (previously another breath of death)

In addition, some bugs in Diablo 3 were fixed. The complete patch notes can be found on the official Diablo 3 website.