Everything That Tells Us About The GO Fest In Pokémon GO


Everything that tells us about the GO Fest in Pokémon GO. Pokémon GO has announced the summer events and also released a picture that shows many interesting Pokémon. We’ll show you what the picture reveals.

What is this picture? This image was designed for the GO Fest in Chicago. So it shows all the elements that are important for the event in the USA.

Many of these Pokémon could also be interesting for the German players and also close to the GO Fest in Dortmund.

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This shows the GO-Fest image

This is the picture: Generally, the picture is a huge hidden object. Everywhere Pokémon hide and these could be quite interesting for German players. We’ll go through Pokémon for Pokémon for you.

This is important: Much of this relies on theories of the players, or even experiences from last summer . So not everything has to happen as it is speculated here.

Quiekel, Keifel and Mamutel

What do the Pokémon point to? This Pokémon family is nothing special. There has already been a squeak community day and the Shiny is also in the game.

The snow surrounding the Pokémon is suspicious. At the 2018 GO Fest, for example, there was a small world of snow in which ice Pokémon had surfaced. This could be repeated in 2019.

That means it for Dortmund: Should Niantic again plan such a snow world for Chicago, then it could look similar in Dortmund. Maybe there are also some biomes that Niantic has crafted.


What does the Pokémon point to? It will probably catch this regional Pokémon in Chicago. Usually Pachirisu is found only in the north of North America and Russia . It will probably come to Chicago for the GO festival.

That’s what it means for Dortmund: safari zones and the GO Festival live mainly through their regional Pokémon. So there was 2018 in Dortmund Corasonn catch.

Pachirisu is now announced for Chicago. One can therefore assume that Dortmund will get a regional Pokémon. Possibly also from the 4th generation. These would be Plaudagei or Venuflibis.


What does the Pokémon point to? The exclamation point icognito shows that this year too, the rare incognito can be caught at the GO Festival. This was already the case in the summer events of 2018.

That means it for Dortmund: At the GO Fest in Dortmund, there will probably be again Icognito. Whether it is the exclamation mark remains to be seen. At the last event, it was the letters from the word “Dortmund”


What does the Pokémon point to? This 4th generation Pokémon should probably be the biggest surprise. The monster is not in the game yet.

Whether you can find it before the event worldwide, and only increased in the GO festival, remains to be seen. The Pokémon may also be exclusive to the event in Chicago

That means it for Dortmund: Should the Pokémon be exclusively to catch in the GO Festival, then Dortmund could get this exclusive Pokémon. Otherwise, the spawn rate could also be increased here.

Maybe Dortmund will also get another new Pokémon. This will become apparent over time.


What does the Pokémon point to? Seeper is also a bit surprising in the picture. It itself and its advancements are not very interesting in the meta.

So you can guess that this is the Shiny for the GO Fest. So, in Chicago, Plusle and Minun were released as Shiny last year. After that there was the Pokémon catch worldwide.

That means it for Dortmund: Should Seeper be released as Shiny, then there should be a similar Shiny for Dortmund. What it will be, you can not say yet.

In general, however, Seeper could be interesting for the players worldwide, because Plusle and Minun were there in the last year increasingly as Shiny. So it could also be the case with Seeper.


What does the Pokémon point to? Alpollo probably has the most puzzles. So you can catch his pre-development Nebulak as a Shiny, but you do not know exactly why Alpollo can be seen there.

Maybe there is the spirit-Pokémon just for no reason to find more in Chicago.

That means it for Dortmund: If you not only Alpollo, but also meet his predevelopment increasingly, then you can also have a good chance of Shiny Nebulak.

Such a Pokémon could also appear more often for Dortmund. For example, in 2018 it was Aerodactyl, which increasingly appeared as Shiny.


What does the Pokémon point to? Trasla is quite a rare Pokémon. So it might be good that you will meet more in Chicago.

It is also a hot candidate for a Communuity Day. Maybe until then, so the Shiny will be introduced.

That means it for Dortmund: At such events there are always rare Pokémon to catch. So there could be more Trasla. Another rare Pokémon, such as child worm or Larvitar could appear there more.


What does the Pokémon point to? It could be similar to Mamutel here. There are flowers all around Chelast. So maybe there is not just a snow area, but also a plant area with lots of plant Pokémon.

That means it for Dortmund: This could also mean more biomes for Dortmund. So it is easy to imagine that one walks through the Westfalenpark and wanders there from biome to biome.

What do you think about the GO Fest in Dortmund? Is there any further clues that could betray the picture? By August, the Community Days were also announced:

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