Fortnite World Cup Starts At $ 30 Million – One Of The Best Players Points Out Huge Problem

Fortnite World Cup Starts

Fortnite World Cup Starts At $ 30 Million – One Of The Best Players Points Out Huge Problem. At Fortnite , the World Cup starts with $ 30 million in prize money. But one of the best players in the world worries in advance: Fortnite is just too unstable. Because Qualikfiation and the World Cup are played with three different seasons.

Who’s speaking?

 In the stream Dennis “Cloak” speaks Lepore. He is one of the best Fortnite Duo players in the world. Together with his partner Tfue he won the big autumn skirmish in October 2018 from Fortnite.

For the win alone, Cloak had over $ 250,000 in prize money with all the bonuses. So he knows his way around.

World Cup is played with 3 different seasons

What is the problem? Cloak explains how difficult the World Cup will be in Fortnite because it will be held over 3 different seasons:

  • The first three weeks of the qualification would be played with the current, totally broken Meta of Season 8 – players would abuse hamster balls to play their way up
  • Then you would qualify for 10 weeks with the next season 9. As will certainly be different again with a new meta, new map and moving objects
  • And the actual World Cup will then be played with the Season 10: So with a completely different season than in the qualification – again, everything will be different

That’s the problem:

 According to Cloak, it’s impossible to prepare for the World Cup or do anything.

After all, you do not know what kind of game Fortnite is when it finishes in late July.

The reason is: Fortnite changes every 10 weeks and brings big changes: A tournament that spans over 4 months is a problem.

In other games it is like agreeing on a patch stand and playing a tournament with them. In addition, changes in e-sports titles such as League of Legends from patch to patch significantly less than at Fortnite.

At Fortnite Epic patches even before hours before a big tournament big changes in, like now about the “Respawn Vans.” The come in the same week in which the qualifier for the World Cup starts.

For the professionals, switching to a different screen resolution is a change in their routine.

What’s up with Fortnite and E-Sport? Fortnite seems to have solved some basic questions in e-sports yet, but has to distribute a lot of money. This is a problem that the professional players have been nibbling for a long time.

Epic had Fortnite: Battle Royale apparently designed not as e-sports, but rather as a casual game, until one was surprised by their own success.

The demand for e-sports was huge. This was evident in the fact that the e-sports organizations were already forming teams for Fortnite, even before Epic had even presented a plan for e-sports at Fortnite.

Now the World Cup is about crazy buzz, but the problems still exist.

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