Hope Carrier For MMORPG Develops 1st Game And It Is Not A MMORPG

Hope Carrier For MMORPG

Hope Carrier For MMORPG Develops 1st Game And It Is Not A MMORPG. Improbable, developer of the “wonder technology” Spatial OS, announced an online role-playing game with ex-bioware developers Aaryn Flynn and Neil Thompson – but this will not be an MMORPG.

What comes from Improbable? The studio behind the Spatial OS technology now wants to develop their own games . For this purpose, a team was composed, consisting of Biowares Aaryn Flynn and Neil Thompson and former developers of Capcom and Ubisoft. Of course, this game will use Spatial OS. The engine is Unreal because Improbable has partnered with Epic Games.

This title is an online role-playing game that should not become an MMORPG.

An online RPG, but no MMORPG

What is special about this game? According to Improbable, there should not be a ready-made world, but more you want to orientate yourself on the RPG Neverwinter Nights, with the focus on player-created content. The players are to help shape the world through their own creations.

According to the developers, story plays an important role and this is a problem in many online role-playing games. Players rarely feel that they are really important to the story.

This should be different with Improbables online RPG. The content that the players create themselves makes them important. They shape the world and determine how it develops.

Who is behind the game? Bioware’s Aaryn Flynn and Neil Thompson lead the project.

Aaryn Flynn may be familiar to some. He headed Casey Hudson Bioware, but left the company in 2017 after Mass Effect: Andromeda had to take a lot of criticism.

With about a dozen of his Bioware colleagues, he switched to Improbable, as Kotaku reports. Many have been with the RPG blacksmith BioWare for 10 years, according to the Kotaku insider report.

So there is a lot of talent behind the new online RPG, so it might be interesting.

Spatial OS is “not just” an MMO solution

Here’s Spatial OS: Is Spatial OS not a technology that will create a huge game world for thousands of players and make it easy for developers to manage this world?

Spatial OS is much more than that , according to Improbables Herman Narula . The company even goes so far as to say that Spatial OS is not a solution for MMOs. Spatial OS is supposed to enable much more in the multiplayer area. And above all, it should give the player more options to participate in the creation of worlds.

When is the online game coming? Production is still at a very early stage. According to Aaryn Flynn, they have now decided on the scenario in which the title should play. So it will be a while before we get to see anything of the game.

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