If You Want Parts For An Exotic In The Division 2, You Should Hurry

If You Want Parts For An Exotic In The Division 2, You Should Hurry

If You Want Parts For An Exotic In The Division 2, You Should Hurry. In The Division 2 there is now an exotic sniper rifle. Or at least some parts for it. You should get these parts this week.

Which weapon is it? The exotic weapon is called Nemesis and is a sniper rifle. This weapon has been in play since the latest update Tidal Basin. At least in theory.

Currently you can get only 2 required parts of this weapon. You should grab one of them this week, otherwise you might have to wait longer for the next chance.

Nemesis-Exotic can not be crafted yet

How do you get to the required parts? The parts for the Nemesis Exotic can be found in the bases.

But that only works if they are bases infiltrated by Black Tusk. Out of a total of 4 bases, only Tidal Basin is permanently infiltrated by Black Tusk.

For the remaining 3, the Infiltrated status rotates weekly. Currently, the Capitol is occupied by the Black Tusk.

So you get the first part for the Nemesis Exotic:

  • Complete Tidal Basin and achieve world rank 5
  • Play Tidal Basin again. During the mission, you come to a point where you can enter a two-story building. On the building is a huge satellite dish.
  • There you will find a key card on the second floor. This can be used later in the mission.
  • Continue the base as normal until you reach the big hovercraft of the Black Tusk. In the ship, you must first turn off some enemies waiting in the first room.
  • Follow the quest marker, but look for a door on your left. You can open these with the key card.
  • Inside the room, there is a gun box, from which you get the Adrestia SR1, a named high-end weapon.
  • Decompose this weapon and you get the first part for the exotic weapon: Sniper Target – The Notched Stick.

The description of the visor also tells you how to get to the other parts.

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So there are the remaining components for the weapon:

 You have to kill the Black Tusk bosses of the 3 other bases. That means yours

  • District Union Arena
  • Roosevelt Island
  • Capitol

when they are infiltrated by the Black Tusk. This week is the Capitol’s turn. There you get the run of the Exotic, “the Scourge”.

That’s why you should hurry: Complete the Capitol this week to get the part. Next week, another base will be on the line.

So if you miss the infiltrated Capitol this week, in the worst case, you’ll have to wait several weeks to get all the pieces and craft the sniper rifle.

You can also see the steps to the first parts in this video from Holy_13 Gaming:

Will the Nemesis Exotic replace the Model 700 as the strongest Sniper?

What can the Exotic do? So far there is no official data. However, according to the Dataminer spydr101, the single-shot rifle has a much higher base damage than the hitherto strongest sniper rifle model 700.

  • In the document of the Datamine  the exotic weapon has a basic damage of 265525 – 324534,
  • while the model 700 comes on 89313 – 109161.

The mere data is impressive, if they are correct. As the weapon plays and whether there is a catch in the extremely high damage, one must also wait. In addition, it is not clear which talents the weapon has.

What else has happened with the last update, you can read in the highlights of the patch notes. There were also some nerfs and balance changes that players are not completely satisfied with.

Stay Tuned For More Updates 

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