In Fortnite There Is Next excavation Site – Therefore, Players Are Digging Again


In Fortnite there is the next excavation site – Therefore, players are digging again. In Fortnite a new excavation site was discovered. At the moment, diligent players are working to unlock the secret behind this site.

What kind of archaeological site is this? This is already the 3rd site within a few days that has been discovered. The excavation site is located east of Loot Lake.

At the moment, many players are working to clear the site and unlock the secrets beneath it.

Why is dug again? Epic keeps a low profile about the function of these archaeological sites. Players hope for something big under the stones. But you do not know anything yet.

You know that about the new excavation site

Where exactly is the location? To help with the excavations, look east of Loot Lake. There is a large pit next to a wall where you can dig properly.

Our map shows you the exact location for you to join:


What is under the excavation site? So far nothing has been uncovered. The players still have to mine millions of materials to expose the archaeological site.

We’ll keep you up to date on the state of things and update this post.

Update 19:20 clock: So far, half a container and an ice machine was found. The stones are less and less and more and more things come to light.

This is behind the excavation sites: it is already the 3rd place in a few days, where you have to dig so diligently. So players found on the 1st place a dinosaur skeleton and a teddy bear . On the 2nd place, many players were trolled, because Fortnite ran the spot full of lava, destroying a good loot spot.

Here the old excavation site was flooded with lava

What exactly is wanted, you do not know. Epic is so far covered over these archaeological sites. Some players suspect that it has something to do with the new season, and possibly with the legendary Skin from Season 8 , which was last introduced. But this is just theory.

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How can I track it? We’ve included a livestream below for you, showing the current progress at the site. The EP of the big stones are going down fast.

Whether you want to help, everyone has to decide for themselves. But it will certainly be an experience to be part of the airing of secrets.

Stay Tuned For More Updates