Moment Of Peace In Star Wars Battlefront 2 Moves Thousands Of Players

Moment Of Peace In Star Wars Battlefront 2 Moves

Moment Of Peace In Star Wars Battlefront 2 Moves Thousands Of Players. In Star Wars Battlefront 2, a brief moment of peace moves thousands of players to Reddit. So a player helped his opponent, who was trapped in a trap and thus delighted the Reddit community.

It’s about this moment: the user “logan_kap” shared a video on Reddit that shows the special moment. An opponent who plays Anakin was locked in a tunnel and could not free himself from his own power.

So the enemy was trapped. Instead of eliminating him, the droid player slowly nourished his opponent and opened the door to free himself.

That’s why this video is so popular

This happens in the video: Not only the relief action makes the audience smile. After the player has freed his opponent, the brutal side of the game reveals itself.

The door was only open for a few seconds and then the rescuer was eliminated by another opponent.

So the rescue operation was explained: The US side Kotaku asked the Reddit user, why he had saved his opponent. He explained that his opponent played Anakin . This is a hero and it takes some effort to switch to a hero in a match.

He wanted to give his opponent the chance to continue playing with Anakin because he knows how frustrating it is to lose that role because of a stupid trap.

That’s why the video excites: It’s not just this one video that matters so well. Just hours after this video, the opponent also uploaded a video from his point of view.

He thanked the player for freeing him from this trap. Both videos received 7,000 upvotes in Battlefront subreddit.

What do you think of this rescue operation? Did you help the opponent?

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