New Mewtwo Forms Found In Pokémon Go Trigger Speculation

New Mewtwo Forms Found In Pokémon Go

New Mewtwo Forms Found In Pokémon Go Trigger Speculation. In Pokémon GO, new forms were found for Mewtu. The find speaks for a speedy return of the legendary Pokémon. At the moment, the finding of the Datamine triggers much speculation from the trainers. We’ll show you what has been found and what the players are doing.

What are these forms? 

Which forms came exactly in the new patch in the code, you do not know. This was not apparent in the discovery of the Dataminers Chrales . So the players make some assumptions:

  • Some trainers suspect behind the new form the armor Mewtu, which one knows from the anime.
  • Other players see in it the mega forms of Mewtu, which was inserted only in recent generations.

We show you the find and all the suspicions of the players also, and reveal what the find means now.

We know that about the find in the code

What exactly was found? The Dataminer Charles has searched the code of Pokémon GO. He came across new forms of Mewtu, which he shared with the community.

Here are the pieces of code that were found:

What are these finds? Much more than what was found, you can not say for sure. The abbreviation is incomprehensible.

It looks like there will probably be a new Mewtwo form. Whether it will be released soon, or only a long way off, is not known.

These theories are there:

Numerous coaches on Reddit and Twitter now speculate what this find can mean. For example, in the history of Pokémon, there are several forms of Mewtwo that have been shown. This includes:

  • The armor form
  • The two mega-forms
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So probably the armor form is: Most players tap on the armor form. This suggests that Nintendo has secured the rights to market this form only last month. So other companies can not just sell merchandise of this form.

It seems that Nintendo and thus Niantic have something in common with the Mewtu.

In addition, a new edition of the first Pokémon movie was announced for the Japanese market. There the Mewtu appears with his armor. Quite conceivable that Niantic can come up with something for the release of this film.

Probably the mega-form: Some Pokémon have mega-forms. These forms were only introduced in the 6th generation and are a kind of evolution of the normal Pokémon, which only lasts for a certain time.

Mewtu also has 2 forms of it. So far, however, there is still no mega-form in Pokémon GO.

Of course, Niantic could start with Mewtwo and introduce the mega-forms, yet this theory remains unlikely.

What does it mean for the players? 

First of all, it’s just a find. Niantic can also take months to publish these forms. Still, it seems the developers are planning something new there.

But this remains to be seen first. Maybe Niantic is also planning a completely new form that has not been seen before. The time will tell.

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