New Mode In Fortnite Brings Sword Back – That Was Roared Out Of The Game At That Time

New Mode In Fortnite Brings Sword Back

New Mode In Fortnite Brings Sword Back – That Was Roared Out Of The Game At That Time. The overpowering sword “Infinity Blade”, which caused fear and terror in Fortnite , is back. The last time the sword was roaring in disgrace and disgrace from the game. Epic brings this weapon back to the player, but only for a new mode.

How does the sword return? 

This overpowering weapon will only be available in a new time-limited game mode. There are only legendary or epic weapons to find.

In this Fortnite mode, the sword will be found again. But even in this mode, the weapon will receive a decent nerf.

So the sword returns to Fortnite

What is changed on the sword? The sword is made significantly worse in the new mode. So it starts with the fact that several players can wear a sword.

Thus, the owner of the Infinity Blade is not overpowering, but other players have the same weapon.

In addition, you can no longer reduce materials with the sword. This was very easy with the sword at that time.

In addition, the jump ability was reduced with the weapon.

What was the problem with the weapon? The Infinity Blade was introduced in Season 7 . At that time in December 2018, the weapon caused numerous discussions, because the sword was quickly classified as overpowering.

Only a single player could carry the sword on the same side, which became a kind of “final boss” and gained considerable power.

So many professionals had a problem with the sword, because in tournaments distorted the weapon very fairness. Who wore the sword, had good chances to win. So there was a true carnage with the sword at the December Winter Skirmish.

This is how the players reacted: 

The players found the sword far too intense and told Epic to take it out of the standard game.

Epic should build his own mode for that. Because the sword changed Fortnite seriously.

So Epic responded to the criticism: The longer did not respond at all, but announced to bring more such “mythical objects”. Epic apparently wanted to keep Fortnite fresh and thrilling and bring more often such targeted overpowering weapons into play.

Then there was a rather small nerf of the sword, whereupon the protests became bigger and bigger.

After the hate of the weapon reached the maximum from all sides, Epic removed the sword again from the game. The Fortnite gamers had shouted the sword out of Fortnite.

Well, after about 4 months, the gun is back.

But it is available in a modified form and only in a game mode. In normal game mode, the sword will not exist.

For about a week, there is also the boom bow in Fortnite. This weapon is much better:

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