Not Even The Team Knows Why This Ammunition Is Missing In The Division 2

Not Even The Team Knows Why This Ammunition Is Missing In The Division 2

Not even the team knows why this ammunition is missing in The Division 2. Since the latest patch in The Division 2, the agents complain: There is hardly any ammunition left for their signature weapons. But this is not a hidden nerf, but a bug. The Division 2 team says: We’ll take a look.

What is missing exactly? Prior to the patch on Friday, there was regular “Signature Ammo.” Players can then load their specialization’s special weapons and then use them:

  • The precision shooter has a heavy sniper rifle
  • The Destruction Expert uses a grenade launcher that is extremely popular and used to blow up groups
  • and the survival specialist uses a precision crossbow

Before the update on Friday, there was ample ammunition. It dropped from killed enemies and was easily recognizable in color with a rich orange. But now The Division 2 skimpy with the coveted destruction material.

  • Some agents report that they are running team missions and are finding no ammunition for their signature weapon at all. They talk about playing for hours and not finding anything.
  • Other agents may find ammo, but much less than before the update.
  • Some even caution that the ammunition for signature weapons in The Division 2 is now as rare as legendary drops in Anthem. – Fies.

This is how players react: 

OnRedditt and elsewhere you wonder what happened here. After all, the signature weapons are an important part of The Division 2: In principle, one of the few gameplay elements that are really new.

You do not understand what that is supposed to mean.

A lack of ammunition is practically a nerf, because with the signature weapons can indeed be done properly damage – especially annoying, because the world rank 5 is just crisp anyway and you want a little more damage.

This is how Massive reacts: the team from The Division 2 tweeted, you investigate that.

So at least it seems clear at the moment that this is not a targeted nerf, but that a bug has crept in there.

We will probably soon be able to play with grenades, crossbows and the thick sniper rifle again.

Also the support of Ubisoft inquires interested in details of the problem.

Is there a solution? The page PC Gamer recommends as a workaround to change the specialization in the White House and then back again. That should fill up the ammunition at least in the short term.

At the moment there are some things wrong with The Division 2 – the projects are also deactivated. Probably in the next few weeks we will see a “hotfix” or a repair patch. The update on Friday has probably broken a lot.