Sandbox MMORPG Fractured Finally Launches Into Alpha Phase 1 – That’s Why You Should Be Interested

Sandbox MMORPG Fractured Finally Launches

Sandbox MMORPG Fractured Finally Launches Into Alpha Phase 1 – That’s Why You Should Be Interested. Fractured is a new sandbox MMO that wants to do some things different from its predecessors. Actual start for the first alpha was scheduled for December 2018. But now it’s time to start.

When does the first alpha phase start? 

On the 10th of April from 17:00 o’clock of our time the first supporters are allowed to enter the world of the MMO. To be among the chosen ones, however, you had to buy at least the Knight package, which costs 150 euros.

The first alpha phase is also set only briefly. The test should last for about a week. Afterwards, feedback will be collected and a second test will be scheduled later this quarter.

That’s why MMORPG fans should keep an eye on Fractured:

 Even though the MMORPG does not look like much in the graphics,

  • the team has big ambitions.
  • Fractured introduces some interesting and clever game ideas
  • SpatialOS is the technology that MMORPG fans are most likely to expect from innovations.

It is interesting to see at Fractured how SpatialOS really affects the development of a MMORPG and how it works in practice

What is in the alpha?

 Throughout the week, players have access to the game world. The focus of the test is the knowledge system, which should replace the normal level process.

However, some things will be missing, including the guild system, monster skills, player-to-player trading, and the Governors & Politics system.

The first alpha does not stand in secrecy and we will probably be able to enjoy many new pictures and videos from the MMO from April 10th.

Huge worlds and PvP as needed

What makes Fractured different : Fractured relies on three major changes compared to classic sandbox MMORPGs:

  • Choosing the race determines the affinity to PvP
  • You do not need a classic level process
  • The game world should be huge thanks to SpatialOS

In addition, the developers want to make the game as open as possible. So in the end the players should control the economy and wars should be fought against each other and build empires.

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This distinguishes the races : Fractured will provide three breeds for character creation. The Beastmen are very harmonious and peaceful and there is no PvP in their areas.

Demons, on the other hand, are savage and their areas are open PvP, even within the people. People can operate PvP, but they are subject to a judicial system.

This is how the knowledge system works :

Fractured dispenses with a level system. Already at the character creation selects your most important attributes. These are set for the rest of the season.

At the same time you can start directly from Day 1 into complex PvE and PvP scenarios. Although you still lack some talents and skills that you can learn later, but your character is no longer significantly stronger by prolonged play.

How to Learn Talents : To fill your talent tree, you need Knowledge Points. These are given to you for very specific tasks and not for completing the same quests or killing enemies all the time.

So there are special points for exploring, filling the bestiary with entries, identifying items or collecting relics.

This is how you learn skills : Learning skills also differs from classic MMORPGs. There is no coach. Instead, your spellbook is littered with question marks at the beginning.

By playing, you (by chance) discover the skill, and from there you must perform specific tasks to master the skill.

These include defeating certain creatures, collecting resources, or making certain items. For some tasks you even have to die in a certain way.

The development of fractured

Successful financing : In June, the developers Dynamight Studios launched a Kickstarter campaignand wanted to collect more than 100,000 euros.

In the end, it has become 111,662 euros and also some other goals have been achieved, especially in the number of different supporters.

Pre-Alpha in December : In December 2018, instead of the first planned Alpha, a pre-alpha began. About 150 players were allowed to test the combat system of Fractured, but completely under NDA (secrecy).

When does the game appear? The game is to appear according to their own statements in late 2021. The focus is now on the first alpha tests. It will appear as a buy-to-play game with a cosmetic shop.

However, there will be a VIP membership, which costs 10 euros and among other things to bring more cosmetic content and discounts for the shop. In addition, one should come to the Knowledge Ponts faster, if one is a VIP member.

Stay Tuned For More Updates

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