Shroud Earns $ 100,000 With Kills In Apex Legends – Most With Just One Arm

Shroud Earns $ 100,000 With Kills In

Shroud Earns $ 100,000 With Kills In Apex Legends – Most With Just One Arm. Renowned streamer Shroud has earned over $ 100,000 live on Twitch in Apex Legends. The money was then donated to charity. Most notably, he earned most of the money with just one hand.

How did Shroud make the money? The creator MrBeast visited Shroud at home and challenged him. Because Mrbeast has been provided by Apex Legends money that should earn Shroud with kills in the shooter.

So there was a certain amount of money for each kill in a round as a bounty. In the end, more than $ 100,000 came together for a good cause.

So the action went off for a good cause

This is the history: MrBeast is known for putting money under people and surprising those with challenges that involve a lot of money.

MrBeast explains in his video that he got $ 100,000 from the developers of Apex Legends.

With the charcoal, the creator then went to Shroud, the most famous player of Apex Legends. Together with MrBeast, Shroud played live on Twitch for the money.

That’s how the challenge went:

 MrBeast started small. For every kill Shroud scored, he received $ 2,000. After just one kill, Shroud was eliminated.

MrBeast then increased the amount to $ 5,000 per kill. There it worked better for Shroud and he collected $ 30,000.

There was the most money for it: After already $ 32,000 were earned, MrBeast increased the use, but also the difficulty.

So there was $ 10,000 for every kill, but Shroud was only allowed to play with one arm:

  • Shroud steered the mouse, firing it.
  • MrBeast played on the keyboard and took control.

There it went better again: Overall, $ 70,000 were earned in this round. MrBeast even prevented more kills in the end as the money seemed to be used up by Apex Legends.

The background for this challenge was certainly the arm surgery of Shroud. In the video you can see that the streamer still has a bandage on the left arm.

This is how it all ended: Shroud played a final round with a colleague from MrBeast. There were again collected for 2 kills $ 10,000. There, Shroud was also only on the mouse in progress. The keyboard was taken over by the colleague.

What happens to the money? The creator showed in the video immediately that he donated the collected money directly. There were $ 32,000 for war veterans, $ 70,000 for a children’s hospital and $ 10,000 for a shelter.

Shroud seems to be very popular on Twitch. A survey recently confirmed this statement:

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