So Awesome Players In Apex Legends Get Rid Of An Allied Cheater

So Awesome Players In Apex Legends Get Rid

So Awesome Players In Apex Legends Get Rid Of An Allied Cheater. Because an allied player was obviously using cheats, his teammates wanted to get rid of him in Apex Legends. They had a brilliant idea, based on the fact that the cheater does not think great.

What happened? On Reddit, a user shared a video from one of his Apex Legends matches. The uploader Roonerth writes that his teammate and he felt the random player in their squad was cheating.

A few minutes later, they watched as the alleged cheater shot down an entire opponent squad within a few moments using a Apex Legends Aimbot. Now the two players did not want to let the cheater get away with his cheating.

So they put the cheater in:

Roonerth played as Pathfinder . The character has the ability to set up zip lines on the map of Apex Legends. They can then use other players.

He wanted to use that ability to get rid of the cheater. So he placed a zip-line that leads directly to death. In any case, if you do not jump off early enough.

Both players used the ping function over and over to make the cheater aware of the zip line. Finally, the cheater followed the instructions of his teammates. They stood on the edge of the map after they followed the zip line and jumped off early enough.

Her teammate was probably still in the Aimbot delusion that he jumped to the zip line and follow her to the end, where he finally fell helpless from the card in his death. The joy in the team was great.

“Oh my God, that really worked. I love this game. ”

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The Reddit community celebrates this video and congratulates the uploader. They even give tips: “Even if he had jumped off early enough, you can beat and move teammates. You could have pushed him off the map, “writes one player.

With the new reporting system, you can now report cheaters directly to Apex Legends.

Developer Respawn hit the nerve of the Apex Legends community with the new wave of bans on cheaters:

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