The Division 2 Even Hid Secrets From Its Own Developers

The Division 2 Even Hid Secrets From Its Own Developers

The Division 2 Even Hid Secrets From Its Own Developers.  The Division 2 has many secrets and puzzles to offer. Apparently, these were even kept secret from the creators of the game and designed in small.

These secrets are all about: In the game world of The Division 2 several messages with cryptic characters are distributed. You can find these in different places. For example, these puzzles reveal where to find the 12 Hunter and her masks.

In an email interview with, The Division 2 Creative Director Julian Gerighty explained how the secrets of development have arisen.

Even the developers did not know the solution

That’s how these secrets came into being: according to Gerighty, the puzzles were designed by a small group.

The alphabet and characters of the Hunter puzzles were developed by only 4 people. These puzzles should be demanding.

They were built to be weird and needed several people to solve. Solving them alone is possible, but very hard.

Julian Gerighty, Source: Kotaku

Outside of this small group, none of the developers knew exactly what the puzzles were.

These puzzles bring some puzzle elements into play, which is otherwise mainly a loot shooter.

One detail led to the crackling of the puzzles

How are the puzzles constructed? The strange signs on the wall were decrypted and translated into a corresponding text.

These texts were then clues to localities and the tasks that must be found and fulfilled in order to spawn one of the Hunter.

In fact, the puzzles are demanding and not so easy to crack. It requires a specific code. However, this code was cracked weeks before release, in the beta of The Division 2.

So the code was cracked: In the beta, there were still spaces between the characters. Thus, the user Zinfinion was able to decrypt one of the places early.

Because of the blanks, certain words like “The” or “to” could be determined, as he confirmed at the request of Kotaku.

I suspected that a three-letter word would have to be “THE” and one with two letters “TO”. This in turn led to 2 different cases of? O? TH and? O? TH, which quickly became SOUTH and NORTH. Then the remaining letters quickly became apparent.

Zinfinion, Kotaku

As a result, developers learned that they should not use spaces to make encryption harder.

“We wanted to create something that appealed to the player.”

That’s why the puzzles were developed: According to Gerighty, it was important for the creators to bring something to The Division 2 that feels different than the rest of the game. Something that players can investigate and work out.

The reward was important because it fails several times.

A puzzle to solve a puzzle, cool street-art look that you can look at, gameplay challenges, and finally an in-game item [The Masks].

Julian Gerighty

Since The Division 2 always makes the player quite clear about what to do and where to go, the secrets are a good balance.

They wanted to give the player a reason to “pause, take a deep breath, and look at the places themselves, rather than always following ISAC’s instructions …. By taking advantage of these big, obvious pointers […], we hoped to open their eyes to the hidden treasures and stories in the game world. “

As our reader test on The Division 2 shows, this seems to be successful. Because the game world is one of the parts of the game that has been rated top.

If one of the riddles is banned , it can be annoying.

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