The Division 2 Temporarily Disables Daily And Weekly Projects

The Division 2 Temporarily Disables Daily And Weekly Projects

The Division 2 Temporarily Disables Daily And Weekly Projects. For The Division 2, Massive has temporarily disabled daily and weekly projects. Through a bug player repeatedly received rewards. Massive was not able to repair the projects immediately.

Update 16:16: The Division 2 wanted today on 7.4. actually do a short server down to repair the projects. The server down came too, but canceled at short notice.

Instead, Massive has now temporarily disabled the daily and weekly projects and is working on a fix.

  • The problem was that the projects could spit out multiple rewards.
  • The projects in The Division 2 are a kind of weekly or daily quest.

The developers of Massive Entertainment have announced a server downtime for this Saturday. If you want to take care of law and order in Washington DC after breakfast, you will be interrupted for a short time.

The important times today, on April 6:

  • At 10 o’clock of our time, the servers are shutting down. You can not log in now. If you are still in the game, you will be roughly removed.
  • At 10:15 o’clock the downtime should be finished. Massive says the servers are expected to be offline for 15 minutes.

Bear in mind that this deadline not set in stone for the end of downtime. In recent weeks, some maintenance work on The Division 2 ended much earlier – or as yesterday much later – as previously announced.

Stay Tuned For More Updates

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