The Elder Scrolls Blades: Successful Despite Many 1-star Ratings – What’s Going On?

The Elder Scrolls Blades: Successful Despite Many

The Elder Scrolls Blades: Successful Despite Many 1-star Ratings – What’s Going On? Bethesda has opened the early-access phase of The Elder Scrolls Blades mobile game to anyone with a compatible smartphone. Despite many downloads, the ratings show how to split the opinions of the players are.

What is The Elder Scrolls Blades? 

Bethesda wants the game to bring a The Elder Scrolls RPG experience to mobile phones.

  • You do quests.
  •    ”   improve your hero through skills and talents.
  • You explore wilderness areas and dungeons.
  • With found building materials you build your city again.
  • Over time, you’ll find out in the story who attacked your city and why.

Everyone is allowed to play if the smartphone fits

Since when is the title playable for everyone? On the night of Friday, April 5 to Saturday, April 6, the early-access phase of the Mobile Games was opened to all. It is no longer necessary to wait for an invitation.

However, not everyone can play, because not every smartphone model is supported. You can search The Elder Scrolls Blades directly in the App Store and see if your device is compatible.

How is the game?

 The game has been downloaded more than a million times on iOS. For the Android version are still no numbers.

However, despite this success, the ratings are rather mixed. There are almost only five stars or only one awarded. So it seems like players either love or hate The Elder Scrolls Blades.

If you look at the reviews, then it turns out why that is.

The Elder Scrolls Blades is a mobile game based on mechanics that are now commonplace in games for mobile phones. These include the microtransactions that are the biggest issue. But who likes to play mobile games and this is “used” seems to have less of a problem.

In addition, some seem to have expected a kind of Skyrim for mobile phones and that’s not Blades. Many fans of the The Elder Scrolls series will soon have downloaded Blades and are disappointed because it’s a fairly typical mobile game with many microtransactions.

Criticism of microtransactions

What is the problem with the microtransactions? Bethesda’s Mobile Game is a Free2Play title. Accordingly, the revenue from acquisitions of in-game currency. The Elder Scrolls Blades are gems. You can find them in the game, but you can get them more easily if you buy them for real money.

The gems are important to get ahead faster. You use them for the following:

  • You’re shortening the time it takes to open treasure chests. Wooden boxes take only 5 seconds, silver boxes 3 hours and gold boxes 6 hours. The higher the boxes are, the better the items are.
  • It is possible to shorten the time for crafting with the gemstones.
  • You buy special items with the gems in the shop, including rare Daedric artifacts, chests with items or decoration for your city.
  • You are adding gems to the number of chests you can have at the same time. That’s really important because you can only open one chest at a time.

The GameStar sees it as a suitable Elder Scrolls for in between. But you should not expect a Skyrim replacement.

The microtransactions are also related to how you progress in the story. Because story missions depend on the level of expansion of your city. Some quests can not be started until you have upgraded your city accordingly.

For the expansion you need building materials, which you will find in boxes or in dungeons. If you buy crates, you will get the required resources faster.

Although you can farm them in the dungeons, which takes a lot of time and is fast repetitive. The construction of the dungeons often repeats and there you always fight against enemies.

What do those who like the game like? 

The 5 star players see potential in The Elder Scrolls Blades. It looks very good for a mobile game and is fun in between. However, the time for opening the chests should be adjusted.

The Elder Scrolls Blades splits the players. Who expects a “real” The Elder Scrolls, will probably be disappointed. There is no open game world, the dialogues are not profound and the quests are all very similar. In addition, you have to deal with microtransactions.

Those who screw up their expectations or generally like mobile games – despite microtransactions – can certainly enjoy themselves.

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