This Real Content Hid Secret World Legends In Their April Fool’s Joke

This real content hid Secret World Legends

This real content hid Secret World Legends in their April Fool’s joke. Funcom has released jocular patch notes for the MMO The Secret World Legends as of April 1st. But as it turns out, some of the content is real and has been taken over into the game.

What was in the patch notes? The patch 2.3.2 with the name “Shenanigans” (in German about “nonsense” or “nonsense”) should contain all sorts of crazy innovations:

  • Grenades that have a misfire at a 3% chance and hurt the pitcher
  • Characters who suddenly find love or data again
  • Dungeons that simply did not change anything, but should still be mentioned in the patch notes
  • At least four new bugs

However, attentive members of The Secret World Datebase have noticed that some announced changes have been incorporated into the game.

Which contents of the patch notes was real? 

After all, eight points from the April Fool have actually made it into the game. Among other things, a new mission has been added that allows players to earn items for the Museum of the Occult .

In addition, a new item has been brought into play, which can be used to summon pet cats. You get access to it from the “Rosenbrawl”, a new PvP mini-game, which was also in the patch notes.

Also in PvP mode “Shambala” there were innovations. So you can only fight against each other there in the 5 against 5, whereas previously 10 players were allowed on each side. The rewards were also improved.

This has happened lately in The Secret World Legends: Currently it’s relatively quiet about Funcom’s horror action mystery MMO.

In November, the new content appeared the update Dark Agartha , which was received by the players with mixed feelings. Many had hoped for a new story and instead only got Boss-Grind.

However, the revised Halloween event was very well received by the players.

For the developer Funcom the year 2018 was the most successful in its history . They also announced a new game that will not be an MMO, but will do much of The Secret World: