Update In The Division 2 Brought Unexpected Nerfs – Players Are Surprised

Update In The Division 2 Brought Unexpected Nerfs

Update in The Division 2 brought unexpected Nerfs – players are surprised. In The Division 2 , the update broke some people’s style on Friday. The difficult thing: As properly announced the nerfs were not actually. What sounded like “fixes” turns out to be a weakening of skills and weapon mods on closer inspection.

The update on Friday brought a lot of new content to The Division 2, the new base Tidal Basin and the world rank 5. But a lot has changed in The Division 2’s fine print as well – fine-tuning and balance. This has surprised some now. For what sounded like a welcome problem solution in the run-up was a nudge with the nerf hammer.

That was the problem with Skills :

In The Division 2, players not only deal damage with their weapons, but also with 8 abilities that they can equip 2 at a time. Some of these skills can be greatly enhanced or extended by mods.

Here some skill mods had absurdly high demands on the skill strength. Who wanted to play certain high-level mods, had to go almost completely on the “yellow Stat”. But then the skills were also powerful.

Massive announced “to solve the problem” by adjusting the skill skill skill set. They should then scale better.

Expected by the players: They thought they had more air in the build now and did not need to give it all up to skill level. You could still use the strong mods and play like combat engineers.

But that happened now:

The changes of the Skill-Mods have gotten really clean:

  • Although the request has gone down
  • but also the effect of the mods has been significantly reduced.
  • Players complain about the mods at the Chem Launcher: It has already been changed in a way that players do
  • not like. In addition, the mods have been significantly reduced – an agent writes, for example, he would instead
  • of + 140% radius, now only + 17.7%. (via Reddit )

This completely changes the playing style.

That was the thing with the weapon mods:

Before the patch, weapon mods in The Division 2 had mostly one positive and one negative trait. A weapon made about more critical damage, but with the mod but also imprecise. That was not a big deal to discuss. But a few have complained about the Mali in The Division 2.

That’s what the players expected: Massive announced, however, that it would change considerably. In the future there would be mods with only positive qualities.

The players thought: Great, only advantages, no disadvantages. That sounded like a buff.

But that happened now: the advantages were clearly compressed. Instead of 30 extra shots in the magazine, the new magazine extensions then give you 10 extra balls (no restriction) or 20 (with 10% slower reloading).

This restricts the game style in turn and makes some weapons from the perspective of the players now useless or at least worse. The exact details of the new weapon mods can be found here in a table by Ubisoft.

The players write about:

  • My crit chance has fallen by 20%. (via Reddit ).
  • Thanks to all who complained about it, now all mods are useless.

Big update also brings many Nerfs to The Division 2

This is behind it: Obviously, many things in the “Vanilla The Division 2” was too strong and was now nerfed later. For example, to upgrade an assault rifle from 30 shots to 60 and to accept only minimal disadvantages was already very strong.

The Fixes, which Massive has announced, turn out in some cases as distinct Nerfs that players did not expect. Officially, Massive had just announced to whip two weapons.

Certainly the “grossest excitement” will be around the nerfs as soon as the players have adapted their gear and become accustomed to it. The problem seems to be rather the strange communication: The players simply did not count on the nerfs.

This is what players are asking for:

To protect themselves against such surprises in the future, players are demanding to launch a test server for The Division 2. Some people are afraid that the patches could steer the game in the wrong direction and want to give feedback here.

But they are also willing to wait longer for a patch.

Overall, there seems to be some difficulty with the 1st patch, and it will be interesting to see how Massive reacts:

Stay Tuned For More Updates