All Legends Of Apex Legends In The Ranking – Animal List

All Legends Of Apex Legends In The Ranking

All Legends Of Apex Legends In The Ranking – Animal List. Apex Legends offers a selection of heroes, the legends. But they are not all equally useful. Here you see in an animal list, which heroes are particularly good and which are more likely to stay below their potential.

Each legend in Apex Legends has three skills: one active, one passive, and one ultimate ability. Since Apex Legends is always playing in the team at the moment, skills that are beneficial to the entire troupe are especially useful.

Otherwise, all heroes are the same in their values, they differ only in appearance, height (and thus the Hitbox) and abilities.

So the animal list is weighted: Before each match you have to choose a hero. Here are the currently available characters in Tiers (levels) divided. The higher the animal is a legend, the more useful it is with their skills for the team.

The highest animal is currently the S-beast, the nonplusultra. The A-tier is also very good. B-Tier Heroes are ok, but rather situationally useful. In the C-tier, however, are legends that make only limited sense and therefore rather for lovers.

The animal list is based on the animal lists of Dexerto (see source).

S-Tier: The strongest

The heroes here are so good that they actually have a place in each team.


Who is lifeline? Lifeline is a lively paramedic. It is designed for healing and ideal for those who like to support their team.

Why is Lifeline so good? With Lifeline in the team, you do not need to worry about healing. You can use your army drone after each battle to replenish the whole team. This is also extremely useful if you half dead from the zone in the safe ring staggered and then healed immediately.

With Lifeline in the team, the chances of survival increase so noticeably and especially in the mid- and endgame, it is important to get you quickly fit again.

On top of that, Lifeline creates a shield while reviving and revives faster than others. Your Ultimate is extremely useful and lets one of the coveted care packages come right down to your location.

So there are no reasons not to have this character in the team.


Who is Wraith?  Wraith is a mysterious, pale woman who can switch to alternative dimensions. It is an offensive character that can flank opponents optimally.

Why is Wraith so good? Wraith has the smallest hit box of all legends and is thus the hardest to hit hero. Her very own movement in a crouched posture (“Naturo Walk”) makes it even harder to hit her.

Besides, she has a kind of sense of danger that warns her about opponents. She can pass that on to the team via Ping and thus warn of ambushes.

In addition, Wraith can set up the Ultimate Portals, which move the entire team quickly from place to place. With her tactical ability she becomes invulnerable and almost invisible. Ideal to either surprise the enemy or flee quickly. These skills make Wraith extremely versatile, which is why she is currently missing in hardly a team.

A-Tier: All around useful

In the A-Beast you will find the best heroes in the game, but they are not as strong as those in the S-Beast. A-heroes are always a good idea.


Who is Bangalore? Bangalore is a soldier and weapons expert. It is designed for fast, aggressive advances and is ideal for offensive players.

Why is Bangalore so good? Bangalore is extremely useful as it brings a good mix of skills. Their smoke grenades obscure the area and allow you to advance so well protected. Just be careful that no Bloodhound tracks you down in the fog anyway.

If you are shot at, then Bangalore’s Passive Skill ability will be activated and you will speed up, either quickly finding cover or storming the enemy position.

Finally she can lure the opponent out of cover with her artillery strike as Ultimate. Ideally in combination with the smoke grenade to confuse the enemy to the maximum.

Bangalore is the optimal offensive Assault character in the game and should also fit into many teams.


Who is Octane? Octavio “Octane” Silva is a speed junkie and the first new legend of Apex Legends. He has been implemented with the Season 1 and the Battle Pass and has been mixing ever since.

Why is Octane so good? Octane is all about speed. With his tactical ability, he pulls off some life for himself, but it is equal to 30% faster for six seconds. As a passive ability he regenerates life points steadily.

His speed makes it difficult to hit him and allows him to loot faster after landing and snatchenemies away. But even if they ought to forestall him, he can flee at lightning speed.

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Who is Mirage? Mirage is a character you currently only get via real money or lengthy free spins. He is a tactical hero who confuses opponents with illusions and requires some skill.

Why is Mirage so good? All Mirage does is send hologram images of itself. With his active ability comes an image, when he goes to the ground he confuses opponents with other images, which he sends off automatically. His Ultimate, on the other hand, releases a whole hologram troupe and makes it invisible.

All these skills confuse and disturb the opponent. That makes Mirage an excellent control hero. So who has the bow out with the holograms, can support his team optimally with Mirage and leave the opponent as a confused pile.

B-Tier: Useful but situation dependent

The B-Beast contains heroes, which are also useful. But compared to the A-tier, their abilities are not equally useful in every situation. Therefore, they are classified a little less high. But in the right situation their skills are still very strong.


Who is Bloodhound? Bloodhound is a sexless scout . He can track down enemies and works well for teams that are careful.

Why is Bloodhound so good? Bloodhound is very close in the B-tier. Because the hero is played quite often and has some useful skills.

He can actively track down hidden enemies and traps. He also recognizes traces of opponents and how old they are. His Ultimate makes him faster and highlights opponents.

This is undoubtedly useful, but once the enemies are detected, Bloodhound can not do much to combat. His task extends to tracing. Other heroes have more versatile skills.


Who is Pathfinder? Pathfinder is a funny robot. He can easily cross even rough terrain and is highly mobile. At the beginning of the game he had one of the biggest hitboxes ever.

Why is Pathfinder better now? In a patch, the Hitbox of Pathfinder was adapted to his model. This makes the wiry colleague harder to hit and more useful. He is no longer in the C-tier.

His grappling hook allows him to move quickly and draw opponents. This is indeed a useful and, above all, funny feature.

His passive ability makes him hack computer and so determine the next safe ring. This skill is rarely useful.

His Ultimate creates useful zip lines. But there are already many zip lines in the game and compared to other Ultimates this skill is not very powerful. Therefore only one place in the B-Tier.

C-Tier: Below expectations

The C-Beast contains heroes who are not quite up to expectations at the moment. But even a C-tier hero has useful skills in the right situations, and if you can handle him well, that choice is legitimate too.


Who is Gibraltar? Gibraltar is a tank and, above all, a fire-breaker, protecting the team and distracting the enemy.

Why is Gibraltar in the C-tier? Gibraltar is useful in certain troops, such as when patched together by Lifeline, and Wraith or Bangalore provide enough offensive power.

He can protect himself with his shield from shelling and thereby shoot back. There is also a stationary shield dome and an orbital bombardment. However, the dome blocks shots of enemies and allies from both sides, so it’s often seen as a mere signal for their whereabouts, rather than being really useful.

On top of that, after so many weeks, players have become more accustomed to Apex Legends. They get along better with the weapons and hit better, especially bigger heroes like Gibraltar. As a result, he slipped into the C-tier.


Who is Caustic? Caustic is another control hero. The psychopath sets traps with poison gas and drives opponents with gas grenades from the cover. If you want to play it, you have to unlock it first or buy it with real money.

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Why is Caustic only in the C-tier? Caustics skills are highly situational. The gas traps are easy to see and if you are not hiding in clever places, hardly anyone will run into them.

Be passive ability lets him see through gas clouds and make him immune. Nice, but not more. Other heroes have better skills.

His Ultimate is a gas grenade. But that does not do much damage and is especially suitable for driving opponents out of cover.

Caustic is therefore a hero that you should only play if you use his traps really nasty, as a player has impressively proven . However, most teams will choose heroes from higher tier with more useful skills.

But no matter what the animal list says: If you have fun with a hero or mastered him very well, then play him too. In addition, the heroes are constantly being revised by the developers and so the list may change later.

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