Anthem: That Brings The Update Today – Patch Notes In German

Anthem: That Brings The Update Today

Anthem: That Brings The Update Today – Patch Notes In German. In Anthem today is Patch Day. After maintenance, players must also download a new update before they can log back into the game. That’s in the new patch.

When are maintenance work?  Today, not only a new update appears, there are also maintenance work. The servers are therefore not available. Once the servers have been booted up, you have to download the new patch before you can play again.

These are the maintenance works on April 8:

  • The work started around 4pm
  • Around 19 o’clock the maintenance should be finished

These are the patch notes: even though this is only an interim update, the patch notes for Update are a little more extensive than we are used to. In addition to the already announced changes, there are also a number of bugfixes:

  • Players should no longer receive loot for other Javelins than they currently play
  • Fixed an issue where items from the Elysian stores would not appear until another activity was completed or the game was restarted
  • The newsfeed is back and will again display content at the start of the game
  • Fixed an issue where Ursix and Titan were not as likely to be in freeplay as intended
  • Fixed an issue where players sometimes could not interact with Owen Corley or hear his voice at the end of the legendary “Find Old Friends” mission
  • The “Apex Creatures” Titans, Ursix, Enlightened and Furies should no longer simply disappear when another player starts an event in free play
  • Fixed several issues that could cause crashes of Nvidia highlights
  • Fixed an issue where the screen shook when DLSS was activated or motion blur was disabled

This is what the players say: The anthem subreddit discusses that the current patch has an approximate size of 2 GB but only changes the given points. Therefore, some players wish that the data may already contain parts of the larger April update.