Apex Legends Makes Players Happy By Making Cheaters Cry

Apex Legends Makes Players Happy By

Apex Legends Makes Players Happy By Making Cheaters Cry. A huge spell in Apex Legends makes the honest players cheer. So they already share experiences of banned cheaters and make fun of them together.

This is the spell wave: At the weekend has become known that a huge spell wave over Apex Legends went along . Thousands of cheaters were closed, including those who felt safe cheating.

For the fair players this is a cause for joy. On Reddit they shared the reactions of the banned cheaters and enjoyed themselves deliciously.

The developers also spoke up and thanked the community for their help.

That’s what the players say to the spell wave

That’s why it’s celebrated like this: the latest spell wave was especially hard. So cheaters were met, who have always created a new account after the spell.

The cheaters actually felt invulnerable: when they were banned, they simply made a new account.

This is still possible, but the new account will be banned after 10 minutes.

These cheaters have felt pretty safe with Apex Legends so far. Many have even ridiculed Respawn, saying that they would never manage to ban such cheaters. But the developers have now proven otherwise.

Players feast on the desperation of cheaters

So the players despair: In the Subreddit of Apex Legends there are now numerous examples of banned cheaters.

The user SaladinsSaladbar has given a live ticker to the stream of a cheater. This cheater has always tried to cheat in the game and was banned within a short time again.

So the user wrote 19 highlights from this stream on Reddit and shared that with the community like a live ticker.

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In the beginning, the cheater was still sure that he would break the spell and could solve it with programs – but that turned out to be a fallacy. Any attempt to get rid of the hardware ban failed miserably until it finally gave up.

So the cheater should have said in the end “Alright, I have to find a new game in which I can cheat, until I have a working Spoofer program again.”

The stream ended with SaladinsSaladbar on Reddit explaining that the cheater was playing a fishing game and Apex Legends is not playing for the time being.

What is the general mood?

 The players are happy that Respawn is acting so extremely against the cheaters. Having already said that Apex Legends has a real problem with cheaters, it now seems to work better for the developers.

There is a veritable euphoria among the threads, which have hundreds of comments and thousands of upvotes, in which the players are happy about the problems of cheaters.

What does Respawn say? The developers have also commented on the positive comments. For example, a Respawn employee wrote a thank-you note from a gambler: “No, that was thanks to you, who brought this kind of people into the limelight, which helps us clear up the game faster.”

These players got rid of a cheater in a very clever way:

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