Black Desert Closes New Mode, Though He Was Really Popular

Black Desert Closes New Mode, Though He Was Really Popular. Earlier this year, the shadow arena was released in Black Desert. But due to various problems with hackers and the lack of support of the developers, the Battle Royale mode will be closed on Wednesday.

What’s wrong with the shadow arena?

 The developer’s official statement states that the shadow arena should actually be continually updated and improved.

But the arena is a popular destination for hackers and the use of third-party software. In order to become the master, the developers banned many accounts, but also met many innocent people. Even in the second attempt, everything did not go smoothly.

It takes a lot of manpower to get the problems under control and to expand the shadow arena. But this is needed for the development of the remaining areas of Black Desert.

When does the arena close?

 The developers have decided to close the arena as fast as possible. Already on Wednesday, the 10th of April, the shadow arena should be closed.

For the quick shutdown, the developers apologize and promise a compensation package. Details presented in an upcoming announcement.

The shadow arena was very popular

Huge crowd at the beginning: Already to release of the shadow arena the community impressed by the innovation. When the release so large that the servers collapsed and the arena offline for several hours.

Black Desert pushes the arena: Even the developers apparently had their fun with the Battle Royale. So she used to attract new players from February 27 to March 13.

So you could play the shadow arena for free and if you defeated 5 opponents, you got the game, which actually costs 10 euros, free of charge.

Also, some of the real money currency was issued through the shadow arena to the players who made it into the top 3 of the leaderboard.

How does the community react to the closure?

 Although the shadow arena was very popular, it has attracted a lot of hate in recent weeks.

Most players responded with relief to this announcement. Others complain about the cheaters that destroyed the fun Battle Royale.

Many now hope as the drama is over, that Black Desert is focusing more on new content in the world. The arena was very independent and felt a bit torn out of the game.

The chances are good because lately many new features came into play, which the players liked a lot.

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