Black Ops 4 Finally Brings Wish Feature, But Only With Detour

Black Ops 4 Finally Brings Wish Feature

Black Ops 4 Finally Brings Wish Feature, But Only With Detour. The last update brought a long-awaited feature for Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 – the so-called Combat Record. But the feature is different, as many a fan has expected.

This feature is all about: The Combat Record is in principle a big statistic, which logs all sorts of information from your playing time in Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 and makes it visible. There can be extensive stats among others too

  • single weapons
  • corresponding essays
  • different weapon categories
  • Specialists weapons
  • various equipment objects
  • Points series
  • or cards in different game modes

Since the launch of Black Ops 4, this feature has been widely requested by fans on Reddit and other forums. Because until the last update could be seen in the game only a few personal top statistics. Really extensive were the info there but not.

Now the Combat Record has been submitted – after almost half a year. But there is a catch.

What’s up with the detour?

 You do not find the Combat Record in the game itself. If you want to use this feature, you either need a mobile device with the “Call of Duty” app or you need to look at the statistics via a web browser on the computer.

So Treyarch justified this step: According to the developers, it was a feature that few players have used since its introduction to Black Ops. Because it was buried deep in the menus of the game.

On the phone or on the computer you should now be able to watch his stats quickly and easily between matches.

What do the fans say?

Some fans, however, see it differently. You’re wondering why you’re relying on an external solution instead of solving the accessibility problem ingame, if only because of the complex menu navigation. Finally, one would place the latest offers and the black mark also directly and prominently ingame, so that one can not overlook that. Why not with the Comabt Record?

In addition, the statement regarding the poor accessibility would not quite agree. In Black Ops 3 the statistics in the game would be visible in a maximum of 4 clicks from each menu. Starting up and operating a computer or navigating through the sometimes confusing app are not really faster there and would also distract the fans from the game itself.

The app itself would also be buggy in places and would not always show the statistics correctly, so some disappointed fans. Also, the mobile and web exclusivity had not been communicated in this form.

So it seems to some players now, as if one had not listened to the players in the course of the last half year and would now virtually patronize what they really want – namely the Combat Record as an app.

Some even suspect that Treyarch relies only on the mobile solution to then resell the information that comes with the mobile data.

In short, many fans have been longing for this feature, but the implementation has been so different imagined. Whether and how the developers will react to this feedback remains to be seen.

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