Chaos At H1z1 Pc: New Developer Gives Up, Shooter Now Back At Daybreak

Chaos At H1z1 Pc: New Developer

Chaos At H1z1 Pc: New Developer Gives Up, Shooter Now Back At Daybreak. After the studio NantG Mobile took over the development of the online shooter Z1: Battle Royale of Daybreak Games and gave the title a new start, H1Z1 now surprisingly wanders back to Daybreak.

How did the previous development of (H1) Z1 go? The online game has a colorful history behind it:

  • In 2015, Daybreak Games released the online zombie survival game H1Z1 in early access.
  •  2016, the developers split the title into two separate games: Just Survive and King of the Kill. – King of the Kill became a hit on Steam and Twitch as a Battle Royale shooter.
  • In 2017 King of the Kill became just H1Z1. From H1Z1: Just Survive became Just Survive.
  • Daybreak received more money in 2018 through a deal with NantWorks , but had to stop developing Just Survive in the same year .
  • H1Z1 should be attractive as Z1: Battle Royal for e-sports. The newly founded studio NantG Mobile took care of the further development of the online shooter.
  • In March 2019 Z1 launched: Battle Royal and wanted to return to the successful times of H1Z1 .
  • Now it is said that NantG Mobile abandons the development and the game migrates back to Daybreak.

A developer studio gives up

Why is NantG giving up? A statement states that the state of the game still requires a very long development and confusion among the players as Daybreak and NantG worked as developers:

  • NantG for Z1: Battle Royale on the PC
  • Daybreak for H1Z1, which kept this name for the console version on the PS4.
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NantG now wants to take care of mobile games, so that Daybreak can focus solely on the further development of the online shooter.

What happens to the game now? Daybreak wants to leave the servers of Z1: Battle Royale online first. Next comes the smoothest possible handover of the development of the NantG game to Daybreak.

Then Daybreak continues working on the shooter. The goal is to make Z1 still a success. It looks like it will be renamed again. It is probably the common name H1Z1: Battle Royale apply to all versions.

It’s the purest circus for the fans

How do the players react to the situation? This is a farce for the fans. Many just think it’s ridiculous what happens to the game.

kri_s_2000 puts it in a nutshell on Reddit: “What a circus.”

Since there is no evidence of future content in the announcement, the players fear that this will herald the final end of H1Z1, respectively Z1.

Razzer80 says: “LoL. That’s the death knell! ”

Now we have to wait and see what the future holds for the online shooter H1Z1. But she does not seem to be looking rosy.

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