Destiny 2: This Raid Boss Has Never Been Laid Down In Such A Crazy Way

Destiny 2: This Raid Boss Has

Destiny 2: This Raid Boss Has Never Been Laid Down In Such A Crazy Way. With the increase in the power level and some changes to the Super, Destiny 2 now offers some crazy options in the fight against Raid bosses. A group of the Redeem clan has now laid the ogre Morgeth in a new way.

This is how the top players spend their time:

Most players will probably still fight through the new content of Season 6 like Gambit Prime or Billing.

But the top players have long mastered the fresh content and pass the time with their own challenges such as speed runs or crazy boss kills.

Which boss is it? A group of the Redeem clan around the exceptional player Gladd has now promoted the ogre Morgeth, one of the bosses of the Forsaken Raid Last Wish, in a spectacular way to the virtual hereafter.

This is one of the most unusual kills the ogre had to endure.

How did you kill Morgeth?

 Thus, the team of the Redeem clan has not fought the ogre from the actual intended area directly at the boss himself. You’ve done the monster almost across the entire map of this raid section from the other end of the broken bridge – a challenge that no other team has yet managed.

The special thing about it: This bridge actually leads to Morgeth. You have to pass them over fragments in the ascendant level to get to the ogre – unless you use the wall of desires. In the normal world, the bridge is not visible.

After the team began this raid encounter with the regular strategy, Gladd and four other players, with their warlocks and titans, made a heavy swing over the nonexistent bridge back to the original entrance of this section.

After the remaining team member completed the mechanics and de-buffs the raid boss, the four players at the other end of the bridge gave him the rest with their rocket launchers.

Within seconds, Morgeth fell in one go. The Damage-Team was so far away that the ogre could only be recognized by the sight of the weapons.

For the launch of the raid this strategy would simply not have been possible. But now another way has been discovered how to humiliate the poor Raid bosses .

Gladd captured this boss fight in a video:

How the fans react:

The fans celebrate this unusual boss kill of the Redeem clan. The video viewed more than 100,000 times within a few days and more than 3,000 likes.

Gladd is always good for a surprise, even if there is hardly anything new to shine, many fans find.

Many joke that it’s only a matter of time before Reddem can defeat Calus directly from Nessus or kill Riven from the Volundr smithy.

What do you think of this extraordinary boss kill? What was the craziest way you did a boss in Destiny 2?

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