EVE Online Bans Someone Who Is A Professional Politician In Real Life – He Is Outraged

EVE Online Bans Someone Who  A ProfessionalEVE Online Bans Someone Who  A Professional

EVE Online Bans Someone Who  A Professional Politician In Real Life – He Outraged. The politician Brian Schoeneman banned from the MMORPG EVE Online because, as a member of the Council of Stellar Management, he allegedly violated the NDA and betrayed secret information and insider trading.

Who is Brian Schoeneman?

 The politician and lobbyist and belongs to the North American “Seafarers International Union”, which works in the US state of Virginia for sea rights. He is also an avid player of the space MMORPG EVE Online and known there as “Brisc Rubal”.

In EVE Online, he was until recently a member of the Council of Stellar Management (CSM), an association of players to represent the EVE fans. The Council is told by CCP Games secret information about the game, which is then discussed. This information is subject to an NDA, ie a confidentiality agreement.

Operating a Politician in EVE Online Insider Trading?

Why was he locked? Schoeneman permanently banned because of the disclosure of confidential information and also because of insider trading.

CCP Gamer states in a statement that the allegations came directly from the CSM, as this poses a threat to the integrity of the council. CCP Games takes such accusations very seriously and responded promptly.

How does Schoeneman react to the allegations?

 The politician completely confused by the ban. He explains that he does not know what the problem is. In addition, he disappointed that he received no response from CCP Games to his queries.

As a lawyer, he has worked in many trust positions and never made any accusations against him for abusing his trust. The allegations against him would mean that he puts his reputation at risk by actions in a computer game. There is no reason for him to do such a thing.

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He denies the allegations and now wants to proceed with all means against the ban in EVE Online.

Was it just a trap?

What do the players think about the situation? The players are also a bit confused. The question is whether a politician would really put his reputation on the line by doing insider trading in a computer game. In addition, there the possibility that he tricked by a teammate. Sneaky actions happen in EVE again and again.

PhasmaFelis explains on Reddit: “It is quite possible that this is a case of an ingame enemy. It also makes sense to find out his true identity. ”

But there EVE fans who annoyed by the situation and find it impossible for a person in this position to take advantage of the trust so much – should the matter true.

jackcatalyst says on Reddit, “How corrupt do you have to be to get banned by EVE?”

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