Maintenance Work At Anthem: Servers Are Down – New Update Is Coming

Maintenance Work At Anthem

Maintenance Work At Anthem: Servers Are Down – New Update Is Coming. At Anthem, maintenance is taking place in the late afternoon. For this purpose, a new patch is installed, which should eliminate a major problem with the loot.

Update 19:45: The maintenance is completed, the server should now run again!

Update 19:15: The maintenance has been extended . When the servers are restarted, has not yet been announced.

Update 17:40: The Community Manager Jesse Anderson said that some players can log in and then it looks as if the savegame has been deleted. This is not so, because the maintenance is not yet completed and the servers have not yet started up.

When are maintenance work? 

 BioWare announced that it will be servicing Anthem on Monday, April 8. The servers will shut down and you will not be able to log in to the game.

The work will take place later than usual, so you have to wait until the evening to swing yourself back into your javelin.

These are the maintenance works on April 8:

  • The work starts around 4 pm
  • Around 19 o’clock the maintenance should be finished

Remember, these are approximate times. If the work is delayed like in the last weeks, we will inform you here.

What is being worked on? Whether the work is a normal maintenance or whether this time again working on the servers of Anthem, was not announced. However, a new patch will be released today. So you have to download a new update after the maintenance, before you can log in again in Anthem.

The update should change the following:

  • The update is intended to ensure that players receive rare components for a Javelin, they do not play
  • Rewards from the Elysian stores will now be displayed immediately after the end of the fortresses
  • In addition, the news in the game will be fixed: Players will no longer see news at the start of the game since patch 1.04.

What else is going on in Anthem?

 In recent weeks, Jason Schreier’s Insider Review has been a topic in Anthem. The report painted a grim picture of the development of Anthem and BioWare as a company. For example, the game should only have been created within 18 months instead of seven years.

BioWare boss Casey Hudson has meanwhile e-mailed the report. He admitted that things went wrong at Anthem and now wants the studio to be a better place to work.

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In the last week, some players also got involved with an invisible fortress boss.

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