Player Makes Awesome Borderlands Intro In Apex Legends – People Love It

Player Makes Awesome Borderlands

Player Makes Awesome Borderlands Intro In Apex Legends – People Love It. No question, Borderlands 3 has been THE topic in the gaming community in recent days. A dedicated Apex Legends player has now built a Borderlands-style intro with scenes from Respawn’s Battle Royale.

What is this video? 

Reddit user McArctico showed the community a 2-minute clip. Inside you can see legends from Apex Legends elegantly eliminating enemies.

They use their skills and finishers to match the music. Accompanying the song “Is not no rest for the wicked”, the Borderlands fans already from the trailer to Borderlands 1 should know.

Much of the intro is based on the well-known scenes from Borderlands 1. Even if it does not match 100%, the players are very happy about the clip and the associated nostalgia.

The reason why Borderlands and Apex Legends fit together: When the intro released for Borderlands 1 ( see here on YouTube ), a  special video for a shooter. Instead of loveless figures, the characters were presented as personalities.

This fits in well with Apex Legends, because even there the playable legends are unmistakable.

In the clips, the creator uses colorful graphics and flashes reminiscent of the style of Borderlands. This is well received by the community in the subreddit of Apex Legends. Both games combine your shooter character. So there is also overlap in the target group.

This is what the players say:

  • User Moosemaster21 writes on Reddit: “That’s excellent. Good job, man. “He criticizes, however, that the end seemed incoherent to the music. Nevertheless, it would have been very entertaining
  • “Adding one of the voice lines to the respective title screens would be a perfect addition. It’s still great, “writes user loganh565
  • Many of the players praise the work of the Reddit user with words like “Great Video”, ” anyone else hyped yet?” And “That phenomenal”

How do you like the video from McArtico?