Pokémon Go Apparently Removes 2 Infamous Pokémon From The 10km Eggs

Pokémon Go Apparently Removes 2 Infamous

Pokémon Go Apparently Removes 2 Infamous Pokémon From The 10km Eggs. In Pokémon GO, the egg pool has been changed. The players are happy because 2 unpopular Pokémon are finally out of the 10km eggs.

Which Pokémon is it? Voltilamm and Knacklion now hatch from 5-km-eggs. Several players report this to Reddit. Which Pokémon have been changed, you can not say exactly. There are still diligently collected reports.

It is still not clear whether these Pokémon were completely removed from the 10-km eggs, or are now only found in the 5-km eggs. But it is safe to assume that the Pokémon are now only found in 5 km eggs.

This is known about the change of the egg pool

This has been reported: So far, there are still very few reports about the new egg pool. However, some players have written on Reddit that they got Voltilamm and Knacklion from 5km eggs.

Normally with such a change the Pokémon will be removed from the other egg pool. Voltilamm and Knacklion should not be in the 10km eggs any more. This is not yet confirmed, as it is difficult to determine if a Pokémon is no longer in an Egg Pool.

Therefore, the players are happy: The reports of this change makes many players cheer. Voltilam and Knacklion are very unpopular Pokémon from the 10-km eggs.

“Aza383” writes on Reddit: “It’s about time they fixed that! No Voltilamm and Knacklion more in 10-km-eggs? Thank you!”

Why are the Pokémon so unpopular? Voltilamm and Knacklion and their further developments are hardly to be used. There are significantly better Pokémon of these types.

There was also the Community Day from Voltilamm. Who played there has enough candies for Voltilamm.

What does this change mean? If the two Pokémon have actually disappeared from the eggs, other Pokémon may already have been added to the Egg Pool.

Some players already suspect that the next bad Pokémon is now in the 10km Egg Pool. It is said: “It seems strange that 2 pokemon from 10 km eggs were suddenly moved to 5 km eggs. Unless Niantic plans to soon include new Pokemon like Kaumalat in 10km of eggs. “Kaumalat is a missing 4th Generation Pokémon.

When do we know more? Players are busy collecting what you can find in the new eggs. If we know more there, we will update our egg list promptly.

Have you heard of the return of Latios?

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