Resourceful Player Discovers A Fun New Way To Dominate Fortnite

Resourceful Player Discovers A Fun New

Resourceful Player Discovers A Fun New Way To Dominate Fortnite. In Fortnite, a player has discovered a new tactic for which he has used the balloons and the new bow. This way of playing Fortnite seems to be so strong that it could change the meta.

What kind of a thing is that? The player “imcharliedw” shows a strong gameplay on Reddit. So at the end of a game, when the zone was already small, he uses balloons and the new boom bow and puts down a killing stripe so that he literally dominates the match.

This tactic seems to be very strong and gives the balloons, which are otherwise rather unpopular, a reasonable purpose.

With this tactic he dominates Fortnite

Watch the video here: We have included the Reddit video here. More than 2,000 spectators have rated the video as good and nearly 200 players have expressed their enthusiasm for the tactics.

How does the tactic work? If the storm makes the circle smaller and smaller, you have to use the balloons to rise. So you are above all other players and you will be hard to hit.

If you then use the bow, you can easily shoot from above and eliminate the opponents. Since the arrows of the weapon already cause damage, if they only land next to the enemy, you do not even have to be able to aim well.

In the video you can see how the player easily eliminates some opponents from the air and in the end even wins the round. He has barely lost his life.

Although the player does not do a lot of kills, he destroys the opponents’ shields and bothers them.

A special highlight: When other opponents appear in the air because they have gotten through a rift, the balloon flyer can clobber them.

The bow becomes a powerful weapon in this combination

That’s why it’s so interesting: It seems that this combination could become an important tactic at the end of games. Just as long as the surprise effect lasts.

There are always new weapons or weapon suits that dominate Fortnite. For example, it was the sword in Season 7. However, this weapon did not come off so well and was removed.

It remains to be seen how many professionals will use the combination of balloons and bow and how much the whole thing will also affect tournaments.

Fortnite tournaments have one big problem:


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