ROG Convention 2019 – Fun With Content Is Here

ROG Convention 2019 - Fun With Content

ROG Convention 2019 – Fun With Content Is Here. In a few days the ROG Convention 2019 will start in the Landschaftspark Duisburg Nord. For hardware fans, an interesting program with content about overclocking and case modding is shown. But that’s not all.

What is this convention?

 Asus launches the ROG Convention 2019 on April 12 at the Duisburg power station. There are then some gaming stations with strong hardware, on which you can play diligently. All information about the ROG Convention 2019 we have collected here for you.

What is there for a program? For visitors, the Kraftzentrale provides a lot of entertainment. There you can meet influencers or even talk to Star Citizen developers who answer questions about the game on the ground.

In the livestream with us: We do not want to buy tickets for the event, but the convention rather pursued in the stream, there may also be prepared for a great program.

The livestream program of MAX during the ROG Convention 2019

2:00 pm – Warm Up and Sweepstakes: Here is an overview of the program of the day and many great prizes to win.

14:30 – Anno 1800: Learn why the build-up hit is only possible on PCs. Included are the Anno developers.

3:00 pm – Light on, noise off (Casemodding): In this program you will learn everything about case modding and how to make your computer colorful, cool and quiet.

3:30 pm – Star Citizen: For space fans, the game is an important topic. How the developers create such an entire planet explained in this section.

16:00 – Good Aim in Every Game (Mouse Tutorial): A precise mouse setting is important in many shooters. How to configure your mouse correctly for all games, you will learn here.

16:30 – GameStar podcast live: In the stream you can be there live, when the podcast is recorded.

17:30 – Flick & Liquid (Graphics Tutorial): The next point for the hardware fans. Dawid talks to experts about how to get the most out of frames, hertz, and G sync. Learn everything about the most important configurations of monitor and graphics cards.

6:00 pm – Fade to Silence: Towards evening, it’s time for Koop-Survival from the Black Forest. Here’s Dawid beating 2-player co-op.

18:30 clock – Screw duel: Here the GameStar occurs against a prominent guest and shows who owns the larger computer self-build skills. Smaller challenges complicate the assembly and provide entertainment.

8:00 pm – The big influencer duel from the ROG live stage: In this segment two influencer teams compete against each other.

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