Shiny Latios Comes To Pokémon GO – So It’s Worth It

Shiny Latios Comes To Pokémon GO

Shiny Latios Comes To Pokémon GO – So It’s Worth It. In Pokémon GO the next raid week is announced. There you have the chance to Shiny Latios. We give you all the information about the event.

When will Shiny Latios come? The legendary Pokémon is coming to Pokémon GO next week. From April 15th at 10pm until April 22nd at 10pm you will meet Latios and possibly also his Shiny.

In Germany, the event will start on April 16, because the raids will not run at such a late time. So you will not have the chance to have Latios until the next morning.

We know that about Shiny Latios

What is this event? We already know this form of event from Latias, which was released in February as Shiny. There was also the Raids for a week.

There, the probability of a 5-star raid was also significantly higher. Whether this will also be the case with Latios, remains to be seen. If that were the case you would have a much better chance of getting more Latios raids.

Latias is on the left and Latios on the right

How likely is Shiny Latios? The chance of a Shiny from a legendary Raid is about 1 to 19.

Is Latios worth it? Not only the Shiny should animate you to Raiden. Latios is one of the best dragon Pokémon in the game. It is well worth having a strong Latios in the team.

This is what Shiny Latios looks like

What’s good against Latios? The Pokémon is of type Dragon and Psycho and therefore has quite a few weaknesses. It is vulnerable to the types of dehumphire, dragon, ice, beetle, fairy and ghost.

However, the best counterattack is Dragon Pokémon. These include Rayquaza, Brutalanda, Dialga and Palkia. An exact counter-guide we will put together for you to the event.

Maybe soon Mewtu will come as a raid boss in a new form:

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