Shroud Explains Why It’s Good That The Fortnite Pros Always Moan

Shroud Explains Why It's Good

Shroud Explains Why It’s Good That The Fortnite Pros Always Moan. Again and again, you hear professionals from Fortnite complain and moan. This can be annoying for many players, but streamer Shroud now explains why the mum is good.

Why is the smoker good? Shroud explains that the pros are the voice of the community. The pros are bitching in every game, and that’s good because it makes developers aware of and able to react to problems.

But he also says that this is more difficult with Fortnite. There Epic rarely reacts to criticism of the streamer.

That’s what Shroud says about the bluster of the pros

That’s the situation: pro players in Fortnite have a reputation for complaining all the time.

In their streams on Twitch and on social media like Twitter, you can always read and hear the pros’ criticism of Fortnite and developer Epic.

That says Shroud: For the streamer, the bluster of the Fortnite professionals is not an isolated case. So he says, “Whining, whining, whining is what every pro player does in every game. There is a good reason – you want to be heard. “

He says that such a grinder is normal and did not start in Fortnite.

Shroud even recommends whining the professional players: “Whining is good. That’s what you want to do as a professional player. “

That’s what he says about Epic’s reaction: For Shroud, Fortnite is a special case. Epic does not react to the complaining of the professionals. So the streamer says whining usually helps, but Epic just does not care.

“The fact that Fortnite has been raving about the pro thing for so long and that so many problems are emerging makes me really believe that they are not interested in the pro scene,” said Shroud. “They only do it half-heartedly by throwing money at it and regularly updating the game with content.”

Epic just makes too much money to take the whining of the pros seriously.

The pros should be happy with that , but Shroud also explains that the Fortnite pros should be lucky. After all, they get thousands of dollars in prize money , even if they do not win.

This is not the case in other games, and the streamer says the pros should be happy about it.

Why are so many pros complaining? The pro-player scene in Fortnite keeps coming up with changes in the game. So powerful weapons are introduced, which distort the balance , most recently, the screen resolution was set in tournaments .

For many professionals, this is impassability that can be hard to balance with a lot of training.

Shroud recently caused a stir when he convinced a professional that he should not do so:

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