That’s Why GTA 5 2019 Is Again At The Helm Of Twitch – 6 Years After Release

That's Why GTA 5 2019 Is Again

That’s Why GTA 5 2019 Is Again At The Helm Of Twitch – 6 Years After Release. So many years after the release, GTA 5 is suddenly back on the forefront of TwitchTV. However, the popularity caused no serious gameplay change, but a style of play in GTA Online.

Why is GTA Online suddenly popular again?

 Roleplay streams are responsible for the new popularity.

Although GTA Online regularly brings new game content, such as the game mode Motor Wars , which represents a crazy battle royale with battle cars. But the role-players now provide a blast of the popularity of the 6-year-old game.

GTA Online regularly ranks in the top 10 channels with the most live viewers on Twitch. Often on rank 1 or 2.

GTA Online has grown so much on TwitchTV:

 Roleplay has been popular on Twitch for quite a while, but never created such a big boom as it does now.

In the last few weeks, however, it has picked up speed. As the site TwitchStats reveals, started on March 9, the big boom on TwitchTV. More and more people were suddenly watching GTA online streamers. From an average of 19,000 people on March 8, there were already 29,000 spectators on March 9, already on March 14, 103,000 spectators, on March 17 proud 140,000 spectators and finally on April 3, 152,000 spectators.

This is because huge twitch channels with millions of followers started to stream GTA Roleplay.

These channels stream GTA-RP: streaming behemoths like Lirik (2.4 million followers), Summit1g (3.7 million followers) or Sodapoppin (2.4 million followers) regularly broadcast their sessions from the RPG servers.

What makes the RP so entertaining? Roleplay makes GTA Online a world of its own. The many ways to design characters give players plenty of room for their creativity in the personalities. Some find the online personas their “true self”, others use fancy ideas such as undercover police, who smuggle themselves into drug rings.

If then even streamer with the Roleplay start, you already like, then is usually provided for good entertainment. They then slip into their online roles and experience the funniest stories together with the chat.

The Roleplay brings a completely different view into play than the usual online sessions or the singleplayer story of GTA 5. However, the servers are not official. The RP servers of GTA Online are provided by the community.

Do you also watch Roleplay of GTA 5? What are your favorites?

In between, you can quickly and easily earn a penny in the online mode of GTA 5: You can watch the Streamer On Twitch.

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