The Division 2 Confesses That The Opponents Are Not Behaving As They Should

The Division 2 Confesses That The Opponents

The Division 2 Confesses That The Opponents Are Not Behaving As They Should. In The Division 2 report numerous players, the opponents behavior would change dramatically on world number 5 and the difficulty “Challenging”. So-called Rushers are causing more and more trouble for fans there. Blame is a bug.

What exactly was the problem?

 Players are struggling on higher levels of difficulty and world rank 5 with the advance of enemy NPCs.

As Massive Entertainment has explained, one wants to reduce the annoying AI behavior soon. Because in the current form is a bug.

Initially praised, now in the criticism

So far, the players have found this good: The opponent AI has been praised by many players in The Division 2. This would keep the fighting exciting and often cause one or the other unexpected turn.

Each opposing faction behaves differently. The individual types of opponents act differently, using different tactics and weapons.

Thus, the opponent AI with increasing progress becomes a problem:

 But at world rank 5 and on higher levels of difficulty such as “Challenging”, players often have to deal with an annoying phenomenon – the Rushern.

These are enemies who, in principle, blindly attack the agents, ignoring any shelling and danger to themselves. You bypass your cover and usually only need a few shots to reach you to the ground.

However, as they have a lot of additional health at these levels of difficulty, it is not always possible to put them down in time – especially when dealing with entire groups.

Players report that the “problem” would be very common in world rank 5, as all enemy units now charge at the players – not just those who are supposed to do so (shotgun rusher).

Meanwhile, it feels like the AI is aware of their extra health points, so they generally opt for a frontal attack instead of using or flanking the cover. Many players are annoyed by this dull opponent behavior.

What the developers say about this phenomenon:

 Now the community developer of Massive Entertainment, Chris Gansler, has commented on this issue in a reddit post.

According to him, a bug would be responsible for this annoying AI behavior at world level 5 and higher levels of difficulty. However, be aware of this error and are already working on a fix. When exactly this should come, however, is not known.

This causes the bug: Due to the error, the enemy AI does not register the scaling of your character. The opponents therefore think permanently, you have only little health and exercise with this tactic pressure on you – as you should actually only do it with a player with little health.

The developers also want to look at this: 

At the same time explained Gansler, one is aware that the survivability would sometimes not feel good. Therefore, one also looks for solutions in this respect.

However, this would not be a bug, but rather a matter of balance. For example, look at how often your opponents can hit you while sprinting or taking cover.

This is to prevent runaways and repositioning that do not feel like an inevitable death sentence.

Other issues after the last update: 

By the way, that was not the only problem that came to the fore after the last patch:

  • Among other things, the update brought  unexpected nerfs  for skills, weapons and equipment
  • Character models often freeze into strange positions when they die
  • Ammunition for the three special weapons drops only very rarely
  • There were problems with bonuses that could be deducted repeatedly. As a result,  weekly projects have been temporarily deactivated

Have you also had to deal with world class 5 and higher levels of difficulty? Or were you not affected by this problem at all?