The Division 2: Upgrading Exotics – That’s How It Works And That’s What You Should Do

The Division 2: Upgrading Exotics

The Division 2: Upgrading Exotics – That’s How It Works And That’s What You Should Do. Exotics are among the rarest and most sought-after weapons in The Division 2. So you can upgrade and bring it to the max.

Why is an upgrade worthwhile? Exotics are powerful weapons with their own talents and designs. They are therefore not only valuable for collectors, but also in combat.

It can take a long time to get an exotic weapon. Elaborate tasks or long grinding are necessary. It would be a great pity to just have to put aside such a gun due to a low gearscore.

What if you find an exotic weapon at a low level? Does the grind start all over again? Fortunately not. You can upgrade Exotics and get the highest Gear Score. Thats how it works

Exotics can be upgraded at the workbench

So you can upgrade your Exotics:

  • Once you find an exotic weapon, you can buy a matching blueprint from the White House dealer. Thus, it is possible for you to craft this exotic at a higher level.
  • Make sure you bring your workbench to the highest level first
  • If you have the required material together, you can make your desired upgrade.

What do you need for an upgrade? For example, you need to upgrade the Gadwall to the Gear Score 500

  • 36 polycarbonate
  • 26 titanium
  • 85 Closure housing components
  • 1 exotic component
  • Gadwall on Gear Score 250+

How do you get exotic components? For that, you have to disassemble an exotic item.

If you want to know how to get exotic weapons, have a look at our guides:

  • The Gadwall – so you get the exotic submachine gun
  • So there’s the exotic rifle Merciless
  • Are you fans of pistols? Then get the exotic freedom pistol
  • If you are shotgun fans, the exotic “Sweet Dreams” may be for you
  • Since the last update can be pestilence, an exotic LMG get
  • In addition, you can get the exotic parts for the Nemesis sniper rifle, but you should do that soon

What about exotic pieces of armor? So far, there seems to be none in the game. Massive has mentioned and confirmed this before the release several times.

Therefore, it is probably only a matter of time until they find their way into the game.

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