The Roadmap To The Division 2 – How To Continue After The 1st Update

The Roadmap To The Division 2

The Roadmap To The Division 2 – How To Continue After The 1st Update. In our overview we summarize all known information about the future plans of The Division 2.

What’s next? After 5.4. With Tidal Basin and World Ranking 5, the endgame really kicked off, it’s now time for the raid for 8 players.

When the raid starts and what else is known about the future of The Division 2, our roadmap shows everything that’s been known so far.

Invasion: Battle for DC

The Tidal Basin update was already the first part of a big package called “Invasion: Battle for DC”.

This includes 2 more parts. The 1st Raid starts in April, shortly after another specialization will follow.

That’s already happened

  • April 5 – Tidal Basin Update: Won World Rank 5, Tidal Basin Base, and several other enhancements and changes. The highlights of the patch notes .
  • 5th April – 2nd May – Invasion-Apparel Event: An event where you can get special containers with cosmetic items. You can read all information about it here.


  • April 25 – 1st Raid “Operation Dark Hours”: This supports 8 players and should be pretty crisp . A leak gives an idea of the possible extent of the raid .
  • “Coming soon” – new specialization: Battle for DC also includes the 4th specialization. Little is known about these. Your individual weapon will be a minigun , as the trailer revealed and some fans had already speculated. When exactly this specialization comes is still unclear.

You can also watch the trailer for the first updates of the year here:

The DLC episodes of the 1st year

What happens after the invasion updates? After that, 3 DLC episodes are planned:

  • Planned for Summer 2019: Episode 1 “DC Outskirts”
  •      ”           for Fall 2019: Episode 2 “Pentagon – The Last Castle”
  • Planned for Winter 2019: Episode 3
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There are no more detailed data yet. Massive deliberately does not want to commit itself, because the technical status of the game is more important and you want to deliver content only when the game is in good condition.

This is what we know about Episode 1: “DC Outskirts” takes players to the suburbs of Washington DC and delivers new story missions. In addition, a new game mode, which sends the players in search of a lost convoy.

That’s what we know about Episode 2: In Pentagon – The Last Castle, agents would have to extract important information from the Pentagon, the government department of the Department of Defense.

We know about Episode 3: We have no details about the last episode. What is certain is that this brings together the threads of the main story and concludes this.

It will also pave the way for the 2nd year of The Division 2.

According to the trailer, each of the episodes brings with it a new specialization.

How many specializations do you have in total? 

That is a bit obscure at the moment.

  • Massive has confirmed a new specialization for each episode. With the already existing 3 specializations of the main game that would end up with a total of 6.
  • But now the first new specialization has been announced as part of the invasion updates. Apparently the specializations are not necessarily linked to the releases of the DLC episodes.

Are the new content limited to just the 3 episodes? The official website of Ubisoft states that there will be new content between episodes.

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The invasion updates are the first example, because they were not part of the announced roadmap for the first year .

As soon as fresh details become known, we update this overview.

Will the DLC episodes cost money? No. The extensions of the 1st year are free for all.

What advantages do annual pass holders have? 

Anyone who has purchased the annual pass can play the story content of each episode 7 days earlier and has instant access to the new specials as they appear.

PvP content and other things that could bring a competitive advantage should not be accessible.

What do you think of the plans? What would you wish for the future?