These 5 Features Are To Improve WoW With Patch 8.2

These 5 Features Are To Improve WoW

These 5 Features Are To Improve WoW With Patch 8.2. World of Warcraft patch 8.2 is eagerly awaited. No wonder, after all, the update should improve many mechanics or replace entirely.

Patch 8.2 Rise of Azshara will tell a lot about the future of World of Warcraft. Blizzard has a chance to regain lost trust. But the developers have some plans and changes. We’re talking about what’s going to change roughly so players will have more fun in Azeroth again.

Why is Patch 8.2 particularly important? With the release of the 8.2 Rise of Azshara, for the first time, developers have the opportunity to respond to the criticism surrounding the launch of Battle for Azeroth. The previous patches (8.1 and 8.1.5) were already largely finished with development when Battle for Azeroth was launched.

Currently, the mood within the WoW community is at a low point. So this is the perfect time to turn things around and inspire the long-time fans once again.

Within the community, patch 8.2 is also considered a “big decision”. WoW either manages to save this expansion, or the players will probably stay away until the next add-on is launched.

Blizzard wants to improve that with patch 8.2 Rise of Azshara

The second “big” content update of Battle for Azeroth is intended to eliminate many criticisms. Above all, five aspects are particularly important.

1. Abolition of the requirements for azerite traits

In the future, the heart will no longer be needed for Azeroth to unlock the special features on the chest, shoulder and head armor. The stage requirements will be eliminated or at least so low that they will no longer play a role. This allows players to select all the properties as they receive new armor.

With that, the frustration of many players who “had to unlock the same” Azerit-Traits over and over again and who got weaker instead of stronger with new equipment passes.

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2. The heart of Azeroth becomes more active

At the same time, the heart of Azeroth should not disappear, but become an interesting and individual component of character development. Blizzard seeks to align itself with legion artifact weapons and add new features to the heart of Azeroth.

So it will be possible to unlock new skills with the heart of Azeroth. This should not only be passive effects, but every player should also get some active skills. That should refine the style of play of many a class something.

3. Finally there are flight mounts again:

Flying is a controversial feature. While some players prefer to take off immediately because traveling on foot is boring and tiring, other players enjoy exploring Azeroth from the ground. With patch 8.2, flying is also unlocked for the new areas .

Many contents, such as world quests or travel to world bosses, then become easier and, above all, time-saving. That should be glad for many a player, who likes to play as efficiently as possible. Even the farming of herbs and ores is a breeze.

4. companions come back:

In Warlords of Draenor and Legion, the companion system was popular. Players were able to take one of their supporters with them and thus had additional combat power in the open game world. This will in a way return to patch 8.2.

At least in Nazjatar, players are allowed to side with an ally who level with them and unlock new quests. Whether the companion is also outside Nazjatar, remains to be seen.

5. Content is more varied

Nazjatar and Mechagon should be different from the previous areas. You want to incorporate lessons learned from Timeless Isle and Argus into the new areas. There should be other tasks that clearly differentiate Nazjatar from the previous zones and provide new incentives to return to it. How this will be expressed remains to be seen.

A release date of patch 8.2 Rise of Azshara does not exist yet. However, the first PTR is expected later this week. Then it usually takes about 6-8 weeks, until such a big update goes to the start and thus into the live version.

Stay Tuned For More Updates 

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