Destiny 2: Weekly Reset On 09.04. – The Arkus Week Begins

Destiny 2: Weekly Reset On 09.04.

Destiny 2: Weekly Reset On 09.04. – The Arkus Week Begins. At  Destiny 2  today, 09.04., Weekly Reset. The Arkus week has started. In addition, weekly activities such as the twilight strikes or Flashpoint rotate. What is new to do?

Now that Update 2.2.1 is live, Destiny 2 will start the Weekly Reset with the Arkus Week. This is a kind of theme week that is all about the Arkus element. Arkus scorching, redesigned Arcus subclasses, or the return of the Thunderlord quest are waiting for the Keepers.

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What else will the new week bring to the guardians?

Twilight Strikes from 09.04. on PS4, Xbox One and PC

This time you can choose from the following Nightfall Strikes:

  • A garden world
  • The arms dealer
  • The hollow hiding place

You should bring a power level of 540 for that. However, if you are a well-rehearsed team, you can tackle dusk with a lower power level. You can adjust the modifiers on the challenge card.

With a bit of luck you can dust off these Nightfall exclusive bonuses.

For Mighty Rewards from the Twilight Strikes, you need to do the following:

  • successfully complete a nightfall
  • master a nightfall with at least 100,000 points

Strikes and story missions

In the Vanguard Strikes and heroic story missions, the modifiers are the same.

  • Arkus-scorching
  • Glass: Health and shields are reduced by half, but recovery is twice as fast
  • Grenadier: Grenade abilities deal more damage and charge much faster

The scorching element remains unchanged for a week. The two other modifiers change daily.

For mighty rewards from strikes and heroic missions, you need to do the following:

  • Complete 3 heroic story missions
  • Complete 3 heroic strikes with a focus on the same Light element as a member of your squad
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Melting pot, gambit, billing

These modes are available in the Crucible:

  • Quick play
  • competitively
  • cauldron
  • Rumble
  • private Match

The following modifiers are active in billing:

  • Arkus-scorching
  • blackout
  • heavyweight

For Mighty PvP, Gambit, and Billing rewards, you need to do the following:

  • Cover 5 Crucible Matches
  • 3 Gambit matches contest
  • 4 Gambit Prime matches
  • Successfully complete billing runs (up to 100%)

The Vagabond offers weekly raids for Gambit Prime and “X” for the normal Gambit. These bounties reward you with a powerful bonus.

escalation protocol

In the Escalation Protocol you can with luck acquire the following weapons:

  • the legendary  sniper rifle IKELOS_SSG_v1.0.1
  •   ”   legendary  shotgun IKELOS_SF_v1.0.1
  • the legendary  submachine gun IKELOS_MP_v1.0.1

Flashpoint, Ada-1, Petra, Spider, Raid

You can find the Flashpoint on Io. For this and for the marked adventure you will be rewarded with Powerful Loot.

Visit Amanda Holiday in the Tower Hangar. There the Donnerlord quest starts for you (if you still need this exotic machine gun)

Ada-1  now has all 7 powerful weapons forms.

Ikora Rey  will reward you as soon as you have successfully completed 20 random forays. With her, there is also the  loyalty bonus , as long as your allegiance to the vanguard applies. Otherwise, there’s this vagabond premium.

There’s a powerful item from Hawthorne once you have 5000 Clan XP together. With their forays “Friends?”, “Summoning Ritual”, and “All for One, One for All,” you can also secure additional Mighty Loot.

Petra Venj  is now standing at the pavilion in the area “The shore”. For her mission as well as the Ascendant Challenge and the 8 daily forays, she has one powerful bonus each. Currently the  2nd Ascendant Challenge is  active.

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Spider has the weekly foray ” Arcadia Chord “. He rewards you with a powerful item.

The  Raid Challenge  takes place in the  Royal Baths  .

The  loadout for the Prestige Raid sections :

  • a kinetic handgun
  • a sniper rifle in the energy slot
  • any power weapon
  • Modifier: prism

The highlights of the  Eververse :

  • a weapon ornament for wings of alertness
  • the leg protection of the new armor sets
  • the exotic ship “Creeping Fox”
  • the exotic spirit-shell “plasma”

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