Fallout 76 Has A New Update – 7 Highlights From The Patch Notes

Fallout 76 Has A New Update - 7

Fallout 76 Has A New Update – 7 Highlights From The Patch Notes. Fallout 76 gets another patch in the “Wild Appalachia” update. What renewed with the patch, you will learn here.

Update: At 21:30 the servers went online again. Fallout 76 can now play.

Original message – What is this patch?

 Today, on April 9th, a new patch for Fallout 76 will be released. The maintenance starts at 16 o’clock.

How big is the patch? 6GB for PS4 and Xbox One, 2GB for the PC

How long does the maintenance take? An end has not yet been announced. We estimate that it will take about three to four hours, so the servers should be back online between 7 and 8 pm.

Fallout 76 Patch of April 9, 2019, the patch notes in German

With the new patch Fallout 76 gets no major new features. However, new content will be added and additional features prepared for the future.

What can not be found in the patch notes, however, are the already long-awaited player shops. These should actually come with today’s update.

This content comes to Fallout 76: Of the new content, two points are particularly interesting.

  • New quest series: The quest series “The Misery Lowe” is available. In a kind of scavenger hunt, you’ll have to follow in the footsteps of a new crypt, the “Sheepsquatch”, which has to do with the disappearance of Calvin Can Lowe. A lot of detective work is waiting for you. You can start the quest for posters that you can find in Lewisburg or at train stations and buy them for free at the Atomic Shop until May 7th.
  • Renaming Items: You now have the ability to give individual names to weapons, armor, and garments. This will prevent you from accidentally selling or scrapping your favorite items. Simply select the item and select “Rename” under “Details”.

That changes: some of the existing features changed.

  • VATS gets better: neutral creatures and friendly players no longer considered by VATS as a possible target. Accidentally getting into PvP should be less likely.
  • Turrets: The turrets of your CAMPs receive damage scaling and increased base damage. In addition, turrets have a higher range and shotgun towers less dispersion.
  • Insult Bot: The beloved by many players insult bot offends players now really.
  • Survival mode: In the beta of the new PvP mode some of the PvP rules revised. Among other things, players drop fewer aids and bottle caps when they die.

These features planned for the future:

Bethesda announced on April 16, an underground dungeon to be located under Harpers Ferry. The dungeon designed for groups.

Highlights include a number of bug fixes and other adjustments. The full patch notes can found on the official website of Bethesda.

Which change do you like best?

An upcoming update makes Fallout 76 very hard at the moment:

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