Football Professional Missing Injured On The Court, Playing For Fifa 19 On Pro Level

Football Professional Missing Injured On The

Football Professional Missing Injured On The Court, Playing For Fifa 19 On Pro Level. In FIFA 19 , a professional football player made it to the top FIFA players in the world. Without a top team he managed a 29-1-success in the Weekend League.

This is the professional footballer : Manuel Kubli is a 24-year-old football player of the second division FC Rapperswil-Jona in Switzerland. Who likes to spend his time with FIFA when he’s not on the pitch. Kubli is also talented at the console.

That happened: when he missed his club last weekend injured and could only watch the game from the stands, he had enough time to participate in the Weekend League.

He let his fans participate live via Twitch. And in fact, he managed an unbelievable 29 wins out of 30 games. A success not every FIFA eSportler can boast. Only in the last game Kubli had to give up beaten.

This is how the Weekend League works: The FUT Champions Weekend League is FIFA 19 Ultimate Team’s most important and most profitable game mode. 30 games can be played here at the weekend and you have to collect as many wins as possible.

The rewards depend on the number of wins. That way many victories can win really strong rewards. These are not so easy to maintain, because in the Weekend League meet the best FIFA players to each other.

12th in the world without an absolute top team

Manuel Kubli even made it to 12th place in the world. This is an extreme success if one considers that Kubli’s team not only from Icon- and TOTY card is given, as is customary in many eSportlern.

Although there are three Icon cards in Kubli’s team, there are plenty of sneaky Inform cards he has received for his Weekend League achievements. Likewise Kubli plays with normal gold cards, which is also unusual on such a level.

So Manuel Kubli impressively shows that it is not only possible to celebrate great success as a professional footballer in FIFA. But this can also work with a well-balanced team. Can be assumed.

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