Fortnite Down: Server Offline For Maintenance – Update 8.30 Brings Reboot Van

Fortnite Down: Server Offline For

Fortnite Down: Server Offline For Maintenance – Update 8.30 Brings Reboot Van. Today, on April 10th, the Fortnite servers on all platforms  (PC / Mac, Xbox One, PS4, Switch, iOS, Android) will be down for a patch. When do the maintenance start?

What happens today in Fortnite? With the new game version 8.30, which will have new content in its luggage, come as in every week also maintenance. Fortnite will be unavailable for a while.

When the servers will be down, what the new update brings and when you can get back in, you will learn here!

Fortnite servers shut down – when are they back online?

When does the downtime begin? At 10:30 am German time you will not be able to join a match. At 11:00 am, the servers will no longer be accessible, Fortnite is then no longer playable.

When can I get back in? If there are no unforeseen problems, Fortnite should be live again at lunchtime. Just like the patch notes, which we provide shortly after the start of maintenance.

How big will the update be? Due to technical improvements, the update for Fortnite will be significantly larger this week:

What technical improvements that will be, we also learn with the patch notes. If you have less than 6GB of available space on your smartphone, you’ll need to download Fortnite again.

What’s the update for Battle Royale mode? This week, a popular feature from Apex Legends comes to Fortnite: Battle Royale – the Reboot Van . Your teammates will be able to revive these vehicles, even though they are already defeated long ago.

In this way even games that have been lost can still be turned. What further content (apart from the technical improvements) will come is not yet known.

What we know: There will be no changes to the Kugler, which is considered too strong and in the opinion of many players urgently needs to be revised. When the changes will come on the Kugler is still unclear. But it should be ready by the next week at the latest.

What’s in the 8.30 update for Save the World? Fortnite’s PvE part will also get new content this week:

  • New legendary designer
  • New shotgun in steampunk style
  • Eliminate and Collect – The Beta Storm is now a permanent mission, with changes made based on community feedback
  • A completely new beta storm will come

What do you think of the content? Are you looking forward to the Reboot Van?

Stay Tuned For More Updates


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