Hearthstone: 3 Decks To Launch Shadow Conspiracy

Hearthstone: 3 Decks To Launch Shadow

Hearthstone: 3 Decks To Launch Shadow Conspiracy. We picked out 3 Hearthstone decks that you are well prepared to launch in Conspiracy of Shadows.

With the launch of a new extension of Hearthstone, there are not only 135 new cards, but also some problems. Many of the old decks no longer work because some cards have been retired. So new decks are needed. But especially for the launch of an expansion you are often uninspired and do not really know what to play.

In order for you to have a successful start and put your new cards to work, we’ll show you 3 promising decks that should work well in the first few days after launch.

To use the decks, simply copy the code behind each “decklist”. In the game you will then automatically put together the appropriate deck.

1. Shaman’s Deck: [RoS] Control Fatigue Value Shaman

Code for the cover list: AAECAaoIEJAHp + 4CnvAC7 / cCmfsCl4ADoIADioUDwYkD7IkD84oDipQDuZkDvZkDxZkDhp0DB4oB9QT + Bf8F6voCrZEDlZQDAA ==

Dust costs: 17,600

Player Ontes has made the control shaman’s deck from the latest expansion and added many valuable “Conspiracy of Shadows” cards.

With a cost of 17,600 Arcane dust, the deck is a bit more expensive as it contains many legendary minions.

This is how the deck is played: The deck is well equipped to drag games out. In the first moves you concentrate on preventing the opponent by controlling effects to build your own field of play. Spells like “Hagatha’s Plan” or “Thunderstorm” help.

In the later stages, the deck can then score by strong combinations and simply draw more value from the remaining cards and their powerful battle cries. So Krag’wa can bring back all spells from the previous move or even create new copies of the Battlecry Minions for Barista Mel. Most decks will probably have no answer in the lategame.

2nd Hunter Deck: KRIPP Jepetto Spell Hunter

Code for the decklist: AAECAR8GtAPc7gKbhQPjiwP7lgPanQMMqAK1A + 0GpvACoIUDoooDsIsD5pYD6JYDnp0D / 6YDgacDAA ==

Dust costs: 9,900

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The hunter deck of the professional player Kripparian is much cheaper from the cost and has a clear style of play, which should destroy the opponent mercilessly. The deck sets on many spells and very few servants. With dust costs under 10,000, the deck is also comparatively “cheap” in the production.

How the deck is played: Unlike many other Jägerdecks, this variant does not rely on a clear “rush”, although that may succeed. The right strength, however, unfolds only from turn 8, when the hunter is able to play the servant “Jepetto fun hum”. This gives the player in this deck namely a Malygos on the hand, which costs only 1 mana, but also only has values ​​of 1/1. His “spell damage +5” is the sticking point.

This will make many spells, such as Rapid Fires (1 damage for 1 mana, twin spells) devastating attacks that deal 6 damage to 1 mana – thanks to Twin Magic even more. Through this and other attack spells, the enemy’s life is likely to melt in no time, allowing for some “one turn kill” combo that rolls over an unsuspecting enemy.

3. Priest Deck: [Rise of Shadows] Resurrect Priest

Code for the decklist : AAECAa0GBMv4AqCAA4uKA5ObAw3lBPIMgvcC5fcCof4Cl4cD5ogD0okD75IDgpQDmJsDmZsDz50DAA ==

Dust costs: 9,440

From the player NanaKwame comes a variation of the popular revival priest . This uses only a few cards from the new set, but they should have a big impact and bring some opponents to despair. The deck is very strong, but prone to silence effects.

Here’s how the deck is played: The deck is based on making the Troll “The Tot’n Gräbah” virtually immortal through a clever combination of the Death Rattle effects. Helpful is the new card “Unfassbarer Schuft”. This has as a death-rattle effect, namely, that you summon it again, if he has at least 4 attack. The trick is that the Tot’ngräbah can copy this effect. Since the Tot’ngräbah already has an attack by default, the onset of Death Rattle is virtually guaranteed.

If the player succeeds in losing several copies of Unbelievable Villain before playing Tot’n Gräbah, the Troll copies this effect multiple times. The result is that the playing field is soon flooded by the trolls.

Other new cards, such as “Catrina Muerte” summon even more dead servants and the “Disguised Spy” ensures that enemy servants do not gain the upper hand before.

What do you think of these three decks? Will you try it out right now? Or do you prefer to wait for the first few days and then decide what you want to gamble?

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